McConnell predicts Supreme Court nominee will be confirmed


That infuriated Democrats, who say that McConnell's push to confirm Trump's nominee now before the November midterms reeks of hypocrisy.

Of course, overturning Roe v. Wade will do nothing to end abortion, it will only make it less safe for expectant parents who want the procedure and harder to regulate.

In recent years, the average retirement age for a Supreme Court justice has been 83.

"I'll be announcing it the Monday after the Fourth of July", Trump said.

Few senators are as familiar with - and as cool at handling - the hot seat than Sens.

They are also the only two Republican women who support abortion rights - with some caveats - and they could ultimately be the deciding votes on the Supreme Court nomination if all 49 members of the Senate Democratic caucus (including two independents) band together and oppose the nominee as a unified block. How about some more R29 goodness, right here?

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It will be his second Supreme Court pick, one that will give him an opportunity to cement the conservative majority on the nation's high court for years to come. "No matter how I vote there are going to be people who are furious at me", Collins told POLITICO.

Kennedy joined both the conservative and liberal blocs of justices to provide a decisive vote in several landmark cases. Asked about Barrett, he said, "She's an outstanding woman". Trump asked Manchin, the senator recalled. Both senators are Republicans.

"We'd be very happy if he'd pick any name on that list", said Severino. Heidi Heitkamp and West Virginia Sen. The current record for longest service on the Supreme Court is held by William O. Douglas, who served for 36 years from 1939 to 1975. Cory Booker (D., N.J.) likened the efforts to stop a conservative justice to abolition, suffrage and civil rights, saying the US was a history of achieving the "impossible." Sen.

He said Democratic senators running for reelection in conservative states, like West Virginia and in, face a "lose-lose" scenario: Risk angering their base voters by supporting Trump's pick, or vote no and harm their chances among the Republicans and moderates they still need to win.

White House aides said other names are in the mix as well. "And that will happen automatically, in my opinion, because I am putting pro-life justices on the court". Forty-three states have some kind of limit on abortions, and at least six are down to one provider.

"I've got it down to about five" candidates, including two women, Trump told reporters on Air Force One as he traveled to his golf club in Bedminster, N.J. He indicated that he may interview one or two candidates there this weekend.