John Bolton, bound for Ukraine military parade, warns Russian Federation about meddling


Bolton said that at the meeting of U.S. President Donald trump with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin last owner said the White house alleged that Russia could not force the Iranians to leave Syria.

A second round is due to take effect on November 4, targeting oil, shipping, and the Iranian Central Bank, where Trump has vowed to bring Iran's vital oil exports to zero.

Iran will however have problems for repatriation of its money because the second round of United States sanctions will also affect the Belgium-based SWIFT global payment system.

Iranian officials and ordinary citizens have said the sanctions are aimed at crippling the country. He did not elaborate.

The Revolutionary Guards said on Wednesday they would continue increasing Iran's defensive capabilities not surrender to US pressure to scrap its ballistic missile program.

This was later confirmed by Orit Perlov of the Institute for National Security Studies who wrote in a recent research paper how the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps has transformed the Syrian military and is calling the shots in every major battle against rebels.

The statement of these countries is nothing more than a sign of support for "any chemical aggression that these terrorist organizations may undertake in the next few days to use this as a pretext for aggression against Syria, as it did in its brutal aggression on 14 April 2018".

He did not elaborate on which forces would carry out such attacks, but Iran has said it could target Israeli cities with its missiles if it was threatened.

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"Iran obviously had a strategic plan to create an arch of control from Iran through the Shia areas of Iraq into Syria linking up with Hezbollah in Lebanon", Bolton said.

Iran's currency has been in steady decline since the start of the year in the shadow of the re-imposition of U.S. sanctions, trading at record lows and losing almost two-thirds of its value against the dollar since January.

The Trump administration reimposed sanctions this month after withdrawing from the 2015 worldwide nuclear agreement with Iran. Trump had announced in May that he was pulling the U.S. out of a Barack Obama-era nuclear agreement with Iran, calling it "decaying and rotten".

Khatami, the prominent Iranian cleric, also said Trump's offer of talks was unacceptable as he was demanding Tehran give up its ballistic missile program and scale back regional influence.

"I raised that this morning", he said, suggesting that the Russians reacted with stone faces: "They didn't respond at all". So this is not negotiation, but dictatorship.

Commenting on Bolton's demand that Moscow pressure Iran into getting its troops out of Syria, Paul said that while this was a "reasonable request", it should rather apply to "any foreign nation that has troops in Syria that haven't been invited".

Thousands of Iranians have protested against price rises of some food items, a lack of jobs and state corruption.

Commenting on the speech, Al Jazeera's Harry Fawcett, reporting from Jerusalem, said: "It is clear that both he [Bolton] and Israeli prime minister and Israeli government are nearly in lockstep in their view on the "Iran problem", as Netanyahu continues to outline it".