Kim Jong-UN confirmed his readiness to return to Russian Federation


The two Koreas agreed in back 1992 to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, deciding not to test, manufacture, produce, receive, possess, store, deploy, or use nuclear weapons and also not to possess reprocessing or enrichment facilities.

"This trust, despite some difficulties surfaced during the negotiation process between the United States and the North, will continue", said South Korean special envoy Chung Eun-yong, who met with Kim in Pyongyang on Wednesday.

Quoting an unnamed government source, it said the pair discussed the joint excavation and repatriation of the remains of service members killed in the 1950-53 Korean War.

"Upon meeting him, I became certain that for him (Kim Jong-un) it's not just protocol talks".

A sea of spectators watched the parade on Sunday as tens of thousands goose-stepping soldiers and columns of tanks drove past a rostrum where leader Kim Jong Un took the salute. Pyongyang residents have been training for months for the anniversary and held up the bouquets to spell out words and slogans that can be seen from the VIP viewing area.

"All Koreans should join forces to accomplish unification in our generation".

The South Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation said Sunday. that the event had been proposed last Tuesday by its North Korean counterpart.

But analysts say the North may not put them on display this time with the peninsula in the throes of a diplomatic rapprochement, and may instead adopt milder messaging focussed on the economy and technological development.

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Chung is set to make a one-day trip to Beijing on Saturday to meet with Yang Jiechi, a ranking member of China's Communist Party in charge of foreign affairs.

Kim attended the morning parade but did not address the assembled crowd, which included the head of the Chinese parliament and high-level delegations from countries that have friendly ties with the North.

That speech was markedly toned-down when compared to a speech by Kim Jong Un at February's military parade, in which he called on the people to "spur to prepare for the fight" against the U.S.

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un are to meet for the first time ever as the Pyongyang boss was invited to Russian Federation on the dawn of the 70th anniversary of North Korea.

Unlike in previous years, there were no inter-continental missiles on display.

In an over three hour-long event held to mark the 70th anniversary of the DPRK's founding, the country notably opted not to display any intercontinental ballistic missiles or medium-range ballistic missiles.

That includes an iconic mass games that Pyongyang is organising for the first time in five years, a huge, nationalist pageant performed by up to 100,000 people in one of the world's largest stadiums. In his message, Putin congratulated North Koreans on the holiday and noted the "friendly relations" between the countries, state-run media reported.

Sunday is the 70th anniversary of the 1948 foundation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, as the North is officially known, 3 years after Moscow and Washington divided the peninsula between them in the closing days of the Second World War.