Microsoft’s ‘One More Thing’ is Surface Headphones


Its recent Surface Book 2 and Surface laptop are known for their capable performance and premium design.

The first Surface desktop, an iMac competitor focused on creativity, was introduced in October 2016. Right now at Microsoft, the only Surface Laptop models you can order are the Core i5-equipped machines with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for $1,299. While Microsoft hasn't revealed full details for the laptop, the hardware appears to be identical, down to the port situation - which means another year without USB-C. If you want to get your hands on it, it's available for preorder starting today. Surface Headphones will be available later this year. A new rumor has surfaced ahead of tomorrow's event, and the news is a bit unexpected. These devices include the Studio, Laptop, and Pro. It comes in black and platinum and starts at $899.

The Microsoft Surface Headphones inside Microsoft's Human Factors lab.

The original Surface Pro in 2012 was marketed as a tablet. Microsoft (MSFT) has since shifted its pitch to a laptop with a touchscreen.

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The Surface Pro 6 is faster than its predecessor. It promises to offer all-day battery life, which apparently is 14.5 hours, but your mileage will obviously vary. These days, it's a true laptop alternative, and as you'd expect, the Surface Pro 6 is the most powerful version yet.

The Surface Laptop 2 has faster and quieter typing. Like the Surface Laptop 2, the device will be available with the consumer version of Windows 10 in S-Mode. Unfortunately, the device won't get USB Type-C ports will supposedly incorporate a mini-Display port, the Surface Connector, and the normal USB-A port. Sure, it seems like every electronics company on the planet is producing headphones these days, but I didn't exactly associate Microsoft with great audio products, so I was a little skeptical about what its new Surface Headphones would bring to the table, particularly since they cost the same price ($350) as top noise-canceling headphones from Bose and Sony - companies that have been in the headphone game for a while.

"There is a sense that Microsoft is trying to compete with Apple on the creative front, with new capabilities for picture and movie editing", Hewitt said. Today Microsoft is fixing numerous original complaints though.