Andrew Gillum got 'Hamilton' tickets from undercover FBI agent, records show


Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum, the two men vying to be the state's next governor, will take the stage tonight at Broward College at 7 p.m. for their second and final debate.

Some of the documents appear to contradict Gillum's assertion that he paid for all expenses related to two trips to Costa Rica and New York City.

"Because you won't answer the question", DeSantis fired back, later asking, "But question is, did you pay for the "Hamilton" ticket or did the undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation agent pay for the "Hamilton" ticket?"

Undercover FBI agents were the ones who gave Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum a ticket to the Broadway show "Hamilton" during a trip to New York City in 2016, according to a trove of records given to the ethics commission and released to the public Tuesday.

"Well, hello there! I is the negro, Andrew Gillum, and I be askin' you to make me governor of this here state of Florida", the minute-long call begins, according to a recording obtained by the Post. "We did go to see "Hamilton.' I did get my ticket for 'Hamilton" from my brother".

Gillum responded: "Awesome news about Hamilton". I did get the tickets from my brother.

"How the hell am I supposed to know every single statement someone makes?"

Meanwhile, Republican candidate Ron DeSantis got support Thursday from Vice President Mike Pence, who told a Jacksonville rally that the former congressman "has been one of the strongest advocates for the Trump administration and President (Donald) Trump".

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Another surefire bet for the debate is the topic of racism, something that has been steadily streaming out of DeSantis' campaign since Gillum won the Democratic primary in August.

Even still, with all of that background noise trying to drown out the very loud racism associated with DeSantis, it would seem that Floridians remained more concerned with those same "issues" Gillum said he was ready to talk about in Wednesday's debate than the conveniently timed political "distractions" that routinely come up in campaigns with national implications. "I'm a hard-working person, I know that may not fit your description of what you think people like me do, but I've worked hard for everything that I've gotten in my life". "I don't take free trips from anybody".

"I don't take free trips from anybody", Gillum responded, as he avoided answering the question. Today, Gillum stuck to his story claiming the ticket came from his brother.

In an appearance Tuesday evening on MSNBC, Gillum seized on DeSantis' previous warning to voters not to "monkey this up" by electing him - a phrase that, Gillum maintained, is "not commonly used, as far as I know".

Gillum pushed back in part by challenging DeSantis to release records detailing the more than $145,000 in taxpayer funds the Republican reportedly spent on travel during his time in the House. "Just hissing at me to call him out", he said. But his trips, made public as part of the FBI inquiry, are the subject of a separate state ethics investigation into the mayor's travel.

"Marcus Gillum gave Mayor Gillum a ticket to see "Hamilton" that night", the campaign said on September 4.

In one of the emails from June 2016, Corey promised his accountant a break-down of an $8,868 credit card charge. The amount is crossed out, however, and a note is typed next to it: "HOLD ON BILLING".

"After the trip, Mayor Gillum learned Marcus Gillum had obtained that ticket in a swap with Adam Corey for a concert ticket", the press release read.