Overwatch Lego sets revealed, preorders are live


Introduced in the animated short "Reunion", Ashe attempts to hold her own against Jessie McCree before getting defeated.

We have no clue when Ashe is arriving in the main game, but new characters usually make their way to Overwatch's "Public Test Realm" (an opt-in beta server) a few weeks after they're first revealed.

Check out previews of the playsets in the gallery below, and then start clearing some floor space: The sets are already available as pre-orders ahead of their January 1 debut on store shelves. The satellite drone has a hidden cockpit with enough room for a minifig, plus a rear storage hold, a removable drone "brain" element, a health pack, and even a checkpoint disc.

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Includes Mercy, Reaper, Winston and Pharah. That likewise gives minifigs their signature items and weapons, and features a 14-inch Overwatch rocket that separates into two vehicles. Hanzo vs. Genji pits dragon brothers against one another at the Hanamura dojo. The 197-piece kit is $19.99.

Kit three is Dorado Showdown, an Overwatch Dad three-way between Soldier: 76, Reaper, and McCree, with a payload pickup truck and removable generator payload, and a Dorado style building for everyone to hang out in after work. Bastion, once built, can be posed in recon mode (more than 10 inches tall) or sentry mode (about six inches tall) without rebuilding.

Ah, BlizzCon, that magical time of year when we learn all about the newest heroes and must-have merchandise from Blizzard Entertainment that we need in our hands right now.