Who is Mira Ricardel and why did Melania Trump want her fired?


A former Trump aide has told Politico that the unrest which has broken out inside the White House after last week's midterm elections is comparable to an episode of the Maury Povich Show, adding that "the only thing that's missing is a paternity test".

According to news reports, Melania also told her husband she's irked with Chief of Staff John Kelly because he denied her request to promote some of her staff, to which President Trump reportedly responded, telling Kelly "I don't need this shit" and told him to hand out the promotions.

What do you make of Melania Trump's prickly retort to Michelle Obama's offer to counsel her?

The National Security Council (NSC) had no immediate comment.

"I assume Melania's doing it with her traditional goodbye gift: a jacket that says, 'U don't really work here anymore do u?'" Colbert joked.

In an interview with ABC News during the five-day trip to Ghana, Mali, Kenya and Egypt last month, the first lady said there are people in the White House whom she and the president can not trust.

Her departure would leave national security adviser John Bolton without one of his key allies in the administration, a deputy who has also shared his penchant for bureaucratic infighting.

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A White House official was blunter, describing the California native as ideologically driven and "obstinate".

- First Lady strikes - While speculation swirled around Melania Trump's dislike for Kelly, she has been fully open in a rare, protocol-busting demand for the firing of another staffer - Bolton's deputy Mira Ricardel.

But her spat with the first lady's staff over Mrs. Trump's trip to Africa - apparently over seating on the plane and the use of National Security Council resources - seems to have earned her the enmity of the person who may wield the most weight with Trump: his wife. Shortly before the statement was issued, Ricardel was among a group of administration officials and other individuals who stood behind Trump at a White House ceremony celebrating Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.

A White House official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Ricardel has never met the first lady.

The president loved her performance - especially when she said there was no administration policy on separations.

White House officials were generally aware of the tensions between Ricardel and the first lady's office stemming from the Africa trip, but were stunned to see the first lady take such a public stance against a senior staffer through her spokeswoman. Two administration sources said she is generally not well liked, though others pushed back, saying she was a respected member of the team and one of the highest ranking women in the West Wing.