Reba McEntire sings ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ at George H.W. Bush’s funeral


The fourth living former president, George W Bush, accompanied the hearse with his four living siblings and their partners, from the US Capitol where his father laid in state yesterday.

Mr. Bush has been lying in repose at St. Martin's Episcopal Church, where his family worshipped.

Administration officials revealed to the newspaper that Trump was "snappish with aides most of the week", at least partly because he resented so many ceremonial events focused on the former president and not himself.

Scott Moore, Union Pacific's Senior Vice President of Corporate Relations, says he expects people will use Bush' funeral train route to pay tribute and reflect on the life of the former president.

Calling Bush a "charter member of the Greatest Generation", Baker said Bush was the "nation's best one-term president". The president shook hands with the Obamas, who were closest to him, but no greeting was exchanged between him and the nearby Clintons. Trump shook hands with Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama, did not engage with Bill or Hillary Clinton, and promptly took his seat at the end of the row.

Trump tweeted Wednesday that the day marked "a celebration for a great man who has led a long and distinguished life".

Speaking to Shannon Bream on Tuesday, the national radio host said the mainstream media acted in a "vicious and partisan" way toward Bush 41 when he was president, similar to the treatment of other Republicans. His casket returned to Houston after a state funeral Wednesday at Washington National Cathedral.

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The group had been friends with Bush since they played at a White House barbecue when Bush was vice president. "Striking that all the former Presidents and First Ladies recited the Apostles Creed, but Trump and Melania stood silently and did not", he wrote, of Trump, who identifies as Presbyterian, a branch of Christianity.

He was president from 1989-1993 and was known for overseeing a post-Cold War transition as well as the Gulf War. "Come here, Don", he said, before his producer reached out to shake hands, just to have Lemon turn and stare him down but never greet him.

Most federal government offices will be closed on Wednesday as many federal workers will get the day off.

Trump's relationship with the Bush family has been tense.

Although the Gulf War technically ended in February of 1991, the US war on Iraq would continue for decades, first in the form of devastating sanctions and then in the 2003 invasion launched by George W. Bush. Flags on public buildings are flying at half-staff for 30 days.

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