Sandra Bullock Is Not "The Lady From Bird Box", Children


Netflix says there's a pretty good chance that you have.

Bird Box is now available on Netflix. Nobody else can verify Netflix's claims, nor do they know exactly what "watched" means in this context.

Early on in "Bird Box" we see Sandra Bullock's character Mallory painting a picture that kind of looks like The Last Supper.

The streaming service said Friday that "Bird Box", a new movie starring Sandra Bullock, was viewed by more than 45 million subscribers in its first seven days on the platform, the most for the first week of a movie's availability.

With the announcement that Sandra Bullock's "Bird Box" scored 45 million viewers, tt seems that Netflix has crowned itself king of the entertainment world in an age of intense ADD where people can stream whatever they want wherever they want at any time.

New Netflix film 'Bird Box' smashes streaming record

This weekend brought news that Bird Box now holds the record for the most watches in a single week for a Netflix movie.

But recall as well that Netflix's 137 million accounts include about 58 million US -based accounts, leaving about 79 million accounts overseas.

Another factor that keeps the views on a Netflix original from being compared to the box office receipts of a major blockbuster is the fact that people do not have to make the same effort to see the Netflix film as those in the theater.

On the few other occasions that the streaming giant has revealed numbers, it announced that over 80 million subscribers watched at least one original romantic comedy earlier this summer, led by the breakout hit To All the Boys I've Loved Before. Most Netflix subscribers are overseas, and those subscribers often have access to streaming libraries that are much smaller than the one Netflix offers here in the States. Still, Bird Box was one of the most talked-about horror movies of December.

It would be hard, for example, to say what the activity of 45 million accounts equates to in traditional box office terms. And it was of accounts, not viewers.

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