US Senator Elizabeth Warren moves to challenge Trump in 2020


U.S. senator Elizabeth Warren, a liberal firebrand who has taken on Wall Street and traded barbs with Donald Trump, has announced she is seeking to challenge the Republican President in 2020. "That's a fundamental promise of America-a promise that should be true for everyone". Her decision in October to respond to Trump and other critics by releasing the results of a DNA test aimed at proving her ancestry fell flat with many Democrats and overshadowed her midterm message. In a statement posted to Twitter, Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. stated that a DNA test is "useless to determine tribal citizenship".

Assuming that Trump's reelection quest could go either way, I think he would profit marginally from facing Warren.

Several hours after the announcement, Mr Trump had not responded but Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called Senator Warren "another extreme far-left obstructionist and a total fraud". She's been derisively labeled "Pocahontas" by Trump for her self-proclaimed Native American heritage.

Warren recently won a second term as a MA senator and is expected to be sworn in this week. Prior to entering politics, she was a public school teacher and a lawyer. And we know it is time to fight...

Warren, who handily won a second six-year Senate term in November, said she wants to defend the Affordable Care Act from Republican attacks and "find a system of Medicare available to all that will increase the quality of care while it decreases the cost of all of us".

Does it matter to the insiders that she has, in recent months, released years of tax returns and offered detailed plans for economic reform and fighting DC corruption, steps other top candidates have yet to take?

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She has also taught law at a handful of universities across the country.

The video, which runs for almost four-and-a-half minutes, touches on Warren's family's military tradition, her parents' struggle to provide their children with opportunities and her career fighting for the marginalized in a political system that has been rigged to favor the wealthy.

Elizabeth Warren, 69, a senator from MA, promised to tackle inequality through tax reform and tougher business regulations as she got a head start on what is likely to be a crowded field of challengers for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg might announce his intentions soon as well - he referenced this in interviews over the weekend.

While Warren has gotten an early start, the road to the Democratic nomination will be long and arduous, with as many as three dozen party members weighing possible bids. Others, like Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-TX), Sen. It also tackles one of the most pervasive criticisms of the Democratic Party: that they've abandoned white working and middle-class voters.

Senator Warren is likely to face a crowded field of Democrats, including senators Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, as well as former vice-president Joe Biden.