Pelosi has a message for Trump: 'Nothing for the wall'


The Republican-run Senate has said it may not even vote on the legislation. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, reiterated today that the Senate will only take up Government spending legislation that Trump supports.

US Democrats swept back to power Thursday in the House of Representatives with veteran Nancy Pelosi at the helm, but they came face to face with what may be a new divided government normal in Washington: legislative gridlock. Democrats have called for those tax cuts - particularly the ones for the wealthy - to be reversed, while Republicans have argued that the cuts have helped fuel economic growth.

"We are giving the Republicans the opportunity to take yes for an answer", she wrote in a letter to colleagues.

"We are sending them back exactly, word for word, what they have passed", Pelosi of California told reporters shortly before the vote. "Why would they not do that?"

As Trump dug in, so did opposition Democrats, leaving many to wonder just how much progress might be made during Friday's White House meeting scheduled for 11:30 a.m. (1630 GMT). Congress has not passed funding for the wall as Trump proposed, but has put money toward replacing existing fencing or building new fences on the border. So let's not waste the time.

A White House official, one of two people who described that exchange only on condition of anonymity, said the president had been trying to explain that it would be foolish not to pay for border security. The government shutdown has now stretched into its second week, with hundreds of thousands of government workers furloughed from their jobs.

Comments from the most politically vulnerable members of McConnell's caucus suggested discomfort with the majority leader's approach, and a desire for a quick resolution to the shutdown. Pelosi said Thursday night.

While the "blue wave" swept dozens of House Republicans out of Congress last November, Mr Trump's Republicans managed to modestly expand its majority in the Senate, meaning Washington gridlock is nearly certain to deepen.

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"We were hopeful that we could get more of a negotiation", said McCarthy.

Collins, a senior member of the Appropriations Committee, also indicated support for an element of the Democrats' approach.

The Democratic package to end the shutdown would include one bill to temporarily fund the Department of Homeland Security at current levels - with $1.3 billion for border security, far less than Trump has said he wants for the wall - through February 8 as talks continued. The package would fund the rest of the federal government, with the exception of the Department of Homeland Security. But so far there are no signs of a breakthrough or any movement.

House progressives urged Pelosi not to provide any money for the wall. "We will have no deal without a wall". Vice President Mike Pence told Fox News late Thursday, "Bottom line, if there's no wall, there's no deal". These workers received paychecks at the end of December but will miss their next checks on January 11 unless the agencies reopen.

But the Republican-led Senate appears unlikely to consider the Democratic funding bills.

Among the first tasks of the 116th Congress will be ending the shutdown, now in its 13th day and which has left one quarter of federal agencies shuttered due to lapsed funding. "Their mental anguish and anxiety is bad enough".

The key sticking point in the shutdown fight has been the President's demand for $5 billion in wall funding, which congressional Democrats have refused to meet. "I could never have dreamed that 23 years later I would return to the same airport with my daughter Ilhan by my side, the day before she is to be sworn in as the first Somali American elected to the United States Congress". "And we've done some things that, as you know, have been very popular".