4 talking points Phillies should make during upcoming meeting with Bryce Harper


A couple weeks after trading for Machado's brother-in-law, they reached a one-year, $4 million agreement with 33-year-old outfielder Jon Jay, according to USA Today, on Monday night.

MLB.com's Mark Feinsand reported on Wednesday that "momentum" is "building" toward Harper re-signing with the Washington Nationals, while Phillies "appear to be turning up their pursuit" of Machado.

It would be quite a shock, from a fit perspective, to see the Yankees out on Machado, who makes so freaking much sense for them and who reportedly really wants to be a Yankee.

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According to Dominican Republic sports journalist Héctor Gómez, the "race to sign Machado" is down to two teams: the Phillies and the Chicago White Sox, hence leaving out the once-thought-to-be favorite, the New York Yankees. In the event that Machado does not sign with them, they would feel even more pressure to sign Harper. Levine got a little more specific in his latest report, saying "the White Sox will be in on Machado in the $200-million range for six or seven years", which isn't too far off that dot-connecting guesstimate.

Finally, all we can do as fans is await the decision, and hopefully Mr. Levine is correct and it will come sooner rather than later.

For the Yankees to truly be out on Machado at this point, he'd have to have offers in hand from the White Sox and Phillies that he knows he would be comfortable accepting, and also he'd have to know that the Yankees definitely will not be approaching those offers.