'Super blood wolf moon' eclipse to darken skies


At just before midnight, every child below the age of 99 ... and, yes, there are other "older children" like me ... will be able to watch a total lunar eclipse.

The information was contained in a statement issued to NAN by Dr Felix Alle, the Head, Media and Public Communications of the agency in Abuja.

The moon will start to enter the earth's shadow just after 2.30am and the maximum eclipse will happen just before 5.15am. Sunday's eclipse will nearly coincide with that perigee, meaning that the moon won't just be redder than usual, it will also look a tiny bit wider.

"The total duration of the occurrence over Nigeria will be three hours and 15 minutes".

"Even if you were in the middle of Boston you can still see a full lunar eclipse", Brothers said. Not much darkening will be visible yet, according to NASA.

JPL's website says Sunday's lunar eclipse is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the alignments and interaction of sun, Earth and moon.

The color will also depend on how clear the atmosphere is across the globe, Nichols said.

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The moon glowing red while it's in the Earth's shadow is typical for a full lunar eclipse because of how the planet's atmosphere bends light, Brothers said. January supposedly brings the Wolf Moon because Native Americans and early European settlers associated the sight with hungry wolves howling outside their villages. The moon will turn a copper orange colour as the earth blocks out the light from the sun. "So that's what gives it the red color, and that's why people refer to it as a blood moon now".

The moon also will appear large, because it will be at a point in its elliptical orbit that's close to the Earth.

A "wolf Moon" is simply a folk name for the Moon that rises during January.

The science centre will be offering extended hours Sunday to ring in the total lunar eclipse, the first of its kind fully visible in Edmonton since 2015. And the reason for that is the moon has an orbit around the Earth that brings it closer to and away from the Earth at different times in its orbit. We get to see that connection between the earth, sun and the moon in the sky in that moment, which is really neat.

Don't miss it, because this will be the last total lunar eclipse until 2021.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Mike Doll, clouds are expected "over much of the western USA, but there could be enough breaks in the clouds for people to see the eclipse". The 'Super Blood Wolf Moon will not be visible in India. Most, however, are less-than-ideal affairs in which just a fraction of the moon encounters the Earth's deepest shadow (or "umbra") or instead traverses in whole or in part the "penumbra"-a softer shadow that surrounds the umbra like a nebulous halo".

The next full moon, known to some as a Wolf Moon, will be a super moon.