IPhone FaceTime bug lets callers eavesdrop


The problem seems to be with the Group Call feature that was added to the app a year ago.

A new bug has been discovered, which allows users to hear audio from someone else's Apple device, even if they haven't answered the FaceTime call. Another thing you wouldn't want is someone being able to watch you through your front-facing camera or having someone be able to listen to your phone when you're not in a call. At the moment, Apple does not have a fix but the company says it is working on the problem and will address it by the end of the week. As an advisory it's worth, for the time being at least, completely disabling FaceTime where you can across iPhone, Mac and iPads.

Apple has disabled group FaceTime following the discovery of an embarrassing bug which allowed people to eavesdrop on iPhone users. MacRumors was also able to get the bug to appear on a Mac, so it appears the glitch does not just affect Apple's iPhone.

First reported by 9to5Mac, the issue is present in Apple devices running iOS 12.1 or later.

Only earlier this month during CES 2019, Apple produced adverts touting its user privacy strengths, while it was only yesterday that CEO Tim Cook talked up "action and reform for vital privacy protections".

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In a statement to Buzzfeed, Apple said it had already identified a fix for the issue and would be rolling out a software update later this week. After the phone begins to dial, swipe up to add another person to the call, and add your own phone number.

"In New York, we take consumer rights very seriously and I am deeply concerned by this irresponsible bug that can be exploited for unscrupulous purposes".

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Director of Cybersecurity stated: "The FaceTime bug works in both iOS and MacOC".

To disable the FaceTime app temporarily, users can go to Settings, select FaceTime and then toggle it to off until a patch has been issued. Apple is now fixing the issue with the glitch.