NY Woman Rescued After Being Stuck In Elevator For Entire Weekend


Firefighters were then called to rescue the woman who was trapped after the elevator she was in became stuck between the second and third floors at the Manhattan townhouse she works in.

"She said her boss is treating her so good, like family", said the neighbor of Queens resident Marites Fortaliza.

Ms Stephens heard Ms Fortaliza's cries for help and called 911 so members of the New York Fire Department could free her.

The New York Times reports it was only noticed that she was trapped after a courier made a delivery to the building on Monday morning.

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The townhouse belongs to billionaire conservative political donor Warren Stephens, who bought the residence in 1999.

The Post reported that billionaire donor Warren Stephens and his family are the owners of the building. The Forbes magazine one of the entrepreneurs in 2018, with assets of approximately 2.7 billion dollars (2.4 billion euros) to the 400 richest Americans. Elevator engineer Bill Seymour said there's not much you can do once you're stuck inside.

According to the city Department of Buildings, the townhouse had no violations for several years but had two violations for failing to maintain the elevator in 2008 and 1996. Authorities did not know whether the elevator had an emergency button. The Stephens family is relieved that she is doing well in the hospital. The background of this "unfortunate incident" would now be examined to ensure that something like this happens again.