'Mario Kart Tour' for iPhone and Android delayed to summer


The report comes from Nikkei (via Gematsu) and says this move comes after Nintendo lowered its sales targets for the year from 20 million Switch units to 17 million, and is looking to launch this portable version early in order to expand its user base.

Dr. Mario could, however, be a precedent in this regard, as it is such a simple puzzle game, that streamlining it more would actually be hard.

As for the console itself, it's been suggested that Ninty will be offering a slimmer frame and improved battery, and that it will focus more on the handheld aspect of the machine.

TOKYO/OSAKA, Japan (Reuters) - Japan's Nintendo Co Ltd on Thursday slashed its full-year hardware forecast for the hybrid home-portable Switch console, revising a figure that had been treated with scepticism by investors and added to pressure on its share price.

"We didn't work hard enough to convince customers of the Switch's appeal", Chief Executive Shuntaro Furukawa said at an earnings briefing.

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The surprise failure of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp probably didn't help, and the fact that Nintendo yesterday announced the delay of Mario Kart Tour for mobiles barely registered on most fan's radar.

The first Dr. Mario game was released in 1990 for the NES with new versions and sequels released for the Super NES, Nintendo 64, Wii U, Game Boy and Nintendo 3DS.

Development is under way by Nintendo and LINE, with support from NHN Entertainment. Nintendo has been sticking to this formula for all of its mobile releases, which has resulted in billions of installs of Nintendo games across Android and iOS, but as we all know, installs don't necessarily translate to any money made.

As you can see from this helpful bar graph, Nintendo's sales have soared since the Switch's release back in March of 2017. Ultimate sold 12.08 million copies just between its December 7 launch and the end of the month, skyrocketing it above other Switch mainstays like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2 to become the platform's third best-selling game.