Fortnite account merging is now available - here's how to do it


One account must have played on an Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, and the other must have played on PlayStation 4 prior to September 28, 2019.

Once you've used the merge tool, your secondary account will be disabled instantly, but you'll still be able to use its login credentials to access your primary account.

Once you've completed the process, it will take two weeks for Epic to transfer your in-game items and Vbucks to your primary account.

Go to the Fortnite Account Merge website here.

The secondary account will be "merged and disabled" and the login on your secondary account will be linked to your primary account instead. Players on Xbox and Nintendo Switch were able to log in with the same account from both consoles without issue, and the same account could also be used on Android and iOS devices.

Battle royale game Fortnite has finally introduced account merging for those who play on PS4 and other platforms.

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Back in the dark days before Sony gave fans what they wanted and started allowing cross-play, Fortnite players who wanted to play on PS4 and another console were forced to create two separate Epic Games accounts.

Select the account you want to keep (primary account).

If you have access to both accounts and accept all the other criteria for the merge, then I can continue. Now it is finally here, and as of today (7 February) you can combine your Fortnite progress into one account. You'll see a countdown timer in-game that shows you how long you have left to wait.

As for the actual Fortnite account merging, it's an incredibly easy task. "Other Items such as Unreal Marketplace items, Creative Islands, and Save The World account level and progress will not be merged over from your secondary account".

The process is actually very simple.

The next steps will be permanent, so make sure you select the correct account. V-Bucks, skins and progress are all transferred into the main account. This merger tool is specifically created to help people affected by the Sony account lockdown issue, and will not help you merge two unrelated old accounts. Are you playing Fortnite?