Kylie Jenner beats Mark Zuckerberg to becomes youngest self-made billionaire


She did it: Kylie Jenner is a billionaire!

Kylie insists she "didn't expect" to be so successful when she launched Kylie Cosmetics - which Forbes magazine values at at least $900 million [$1.3b AUD] - four years ago.

Kylie Jenner is the world's youngest self-made billionaire, according to the newest Forbes billionaires' list.

"She made it, by herself, and that's self-made". The 21-year-old also had a huge business expansion and her growth in the beauty industry has been sizeable.

Travis Scott deleted Instagram to "prove his loyalty" to Kylie Jenner.

Through the cosmetics line, Kylie has been able to amass a net worth of KSh 100 billion.

At just 21 years-old, Kylie Jenner has built a billion dollar empire.

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The pop superstar, who is said to be dating Naomi Campbell, took to Twitter to hit back at the Good Morning Britain host after he mocked Kylie Jenner online.

"I have a HUGE problem with Forbes hyping up Kylie Jenner as a "self made billionaire".

She is daughter to Kris and Caitlyn Jenner, both millionaires with wealthy networks, and has more than 175 million followers across all her social media.

One prominent person who has sided with Jenner on this issue is Nadeshot, who tweeted out in her defense on March 5, calling the criticism of her newly earned status "nonsense".

"Her money she made on the show that she put into her company, seems self made to me", said Gen.G content creator AvaGG. Kylie would be in 2,057th place whether she was self-made or inherited. Was it fair to use that word to describe the cosmetics mogul, the public asked, given that she was born into a rich family and owes much of her early fame to half-sister Kim Kardashian West?

But while her eye-watering wealth isn't in dispute, many commentators have noted that Jenner hasn't exactly come from the average family.

"I popped up at a few stores, I did my usual social media - I did what I usually do, and it just worked", she says.