Daylight saving time begins this weekend. Prepare to ‘spring forward.’


But don't close your eyes before you've rolled your clocks forward an hour.

Daylight saving time sets in at 2 a.m. Sunday, so that means we all lose an hour of sleep while gaining an extra hour of evening sunlight as we "spring forward".

Mathematically, it's the shortest day of the year at just 23 hours.

But don't worry. There are some things you can do to get back on track faster. Hawaii and Arizona ignore DST, since it makes less sense to shift the clocks when you live near the equator, where the sun rises and sets at roughly the same time every day. "These government-mandated interruptions of natural biological rhythms and sleep cycles can wreak havoc on job performance, academic results, and overall physical/mental health".

Detractors, however, don't really see the need for it anymore.

Proponents have argued daylight saving time saves energy.

Proposition 7, approved by 60 percent of voters in November and sponsored by Assemblyman Kansen Chu, D- San Jose, repealed the 1949 initiative that started daylight saving time in California.

Energy consumption has evolved so much in the last 100 years, it nearly eliminates the argument that DST still helps with energy consumption. Also, try to avoid the temptation to nap since it will further disrupt your sleep pattern.

History shows whatever effect DST had on the German war effort wasn't enough to help them win The Great War. But it still wasn't a universal practice. The U.S. followed suit during World Wars I and II.

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Both politicians have cited data from a MA study commissioned in 2016 on whether Eastern Daylight Time should be abolished in favor of year-round Atlantic Standard Time.

Not everyone wants to get rid of the practice. And according to Webster's Dictionary, it's Daylight Saving - without an "s" on the end - "saving", not "savings" - Time.

- US territories: None of America's island territories observe the time change. In 2019, Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are the only U.S. states and territories that do not observe Daylight Saving Time.

- Parts of Canada: There are a handful of small exceptions, and one large one.

The yearly ritual comes as some lawmakers continue to push for making daylight saving time permanent.

Not ever place observes DST, however. Haiti also observed it last year and is expected to again this year, but didn't in 2016 and before 2012. A slim majority of participants (56 per cent) said they'd prefer if the province stopped the time change. Some notable exceptions who do include Iran, Israel and Syria. "Several studies have found that Daylight Saving Time electricity savings are negligible - or non-existent". But remember, their seasons are the opposite of ours.

Initially, in Germany, the concept behind Daylight Saving Time was meant to help conserve energy.

Rauscher's House Bill 43 would have the State petition the U.S. Department of Transportation to initiate proceedings under the Uniform Time Act of 1966, which would include public hearings on changing the time zone boundaries, putting Alaska permanently on Alaska Standard Time. A state commission recommended MA do the same.

The bill was referred to House State Affairs Committee on February 22. Federal law allows a state to exempt itself from observing DST, upon action by the state legislature to do so.