PlayStation Could Have Fresh Competition in Stadia, Google's New Game Streaming Platform


So, no, Stadia is not as responsive as native hardware, but it's not a huge difference.

Google created its own Stadia-exclusive games, too, The Verge reports.

Sony will be taking a long, hard look at Stadia.

A pop-up museum exhibit has appeared at the Google Developers Conference (GDC) venue. More details to come this summer. According to id Software, Doom Eternal will be available on Stadia in 4K HDR at 60 frames per second. Playing a high-end game right now involves buying expensive dedicated hardware and waiting through lengthy downloads.

There is no physical console with Stadia, only the controller, with the platform being the Stadia servers.

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Mr Bakar said that Stadia would rely on an array of other technological partners to grow the system. Even better, you can start gaming on one device, say your Chromebook, and then pick up exactly where you left off on a Pixel phone or a computer with the Chrome browser. The popular service lets gamers stream their console or PC gameplay to audiences across the world, and organized competitions with massive streaming audiences are starting to become mainstream entertainment. Stadia will also have its own controller. So how is it making money? Key to delivering a seamless experience like the one promised by Stadia is minimizing lag and Google aims to do this by running the necessary services in close proximity to end-users. It's possible that the service itself will be reasonably priced and that one of the major way Google recoups its money will be through the harvesting and sale of consumer's data. As expected, Stadia isn't a new console or a suite of hardware, but rather a service that will allow users to play games on virtually every device they own. But this means that no matter what Chromebook you have, whether its an cheap one with a 720p display or a more expensive model like the 3000 x 2000 resolution Pixels Slate, you'll get the best possible gaming experience with Stadia.

Playing on a Pixelbook on a Google internet connection, the site saw smooth framerates.

But how much higher? And there's also a feature called Stream Connect which Google believe will revitalize couch co-op by letting users play split-screen games over the cloud as if they were in the same room. The full service, which launches later this year, will support plenty of titles you can get on other platforms with cross-play. These, and bigger questions about reliability, will be massive determining factors in whether or not Stadia fizzles and fades or sees wider adoption. Of course, you can stay locked to DualShockers for any Google Stadia news that comes up as we approach its launch in 2019.

Google did not announce a specific launch date or pricing. Google want to bring Stadia to nearly every single "screen". And it promised developers it would increase that performance over time: "the processing resources will scale up to match your imagination", Bakar said.