Northern lights sighting possible in Michiana on Saturday


However, King said spring and fall are the best chances to see the northern lights in Minnesota. You may get a chance to see them right here in northeast Ohio Friday or Saturday night.

He did caution that a dark and clear sky would be needed to be able to see the lights clearly, "advising everyone to be watching the northern horizon" just in case.

The BBC believes the best views of the phenomenon are likely to be in the Scottish Highlands, or over in the east in Dundee or Aberdeen - both places are forecast to enjoy clear skies.

It is thought that clouds could be a potential hurdle in catching a glimpse of it (Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)What are the Northern lights?

Astronomers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecast the northern lights, or aurora borealis, to possibly be visible as far south as the Michigan/Indiana border in the early morning hours this Saturday, as well as Saturday night.

"We are expecting a display of the Northern Lights over the North Pole that will extend as far south as Ireland", Mr Moore said.

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In the past, the lights have actually been seen throughout the United Kingdom - even as far south as Kent and Cornwall.

They form when charged particles emitted from the sun penetrate the earth's magnetic shield and collide with atoms and molecules in our atmosphere.

She added that the likelihood of seeing it depends on the weather with chances increased by being in Scotland.

The weather prediction center issued a geomagnetic storm watch on Wednesday after detecting a small solar flare, a high-energy burst fired by a sunspot, that was followed by a CME.

"As a result, aurora may be visible in Scotland where cloud breaks".