Gingrich: Trump's Threat To 'Shut Down' Border Would 'Truly Be A Mess'


National security is "more important than trade", and "the border's going to be closed 100 percent" if neither Congress nor Mexico steps up with a solution to the flood of migrants from Central America hoping to reach the U.S., Trump said at the White House.

"If you can close down the border when you're mad at anything, what is the value of a deal?" he said.

Trump has also been told by some advisers that it would be extremely hard to operationally shut down the border, but he has told them to move forward with looking at ways to achieve the feat.

Since Politico is quoting "sources" we have no way of knowing if the White House staff is in a "panic" or not but it sounds to me like Secretary Nielsen is simply doing her job and making sure policy decisions are put into place.

Kristin Dziczek says almost every automakers in the United States depends on parts imported from Mexico.

The Trump administration is considering keeping truck lanes open to alleviate economic setback if President Trump shuts down the southern border.

A border closure would squeeze U.S. corn, soybean and dairy farmers, too, if they can't ship their produce into Mexico.

"It is a national emergency on the border", Trump said. She released a video Wednesday in which she asserts that the president is only interested in closing the border because he's trying to assure his base that he is a strong candidate on immigration issues.

The goal is to try to change the incentive structure that is drawing Central Americans to make the trip in record numbers through Mexico and to the U.S. Mr. Trump said Mexico needs to do more, but he added that the nation's southern neighbor has started arresting migrants in the thousands in the past few days. Advisers told him it's not a sustainable option, underscored how it would disrupt the economy and noted it would anger local border officials throughout the country.

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DHS says that besides getting Mexico to block the transit of migrant caravans to the border, Congress should take immediate action to give border officials the power to forcibly repatriate Central American illegal immigrants, including children who arrived alone, back to their countries. In Trump's mind, the closure is about leverage - forcing people to think he's about to do it, and just might do it, to get other concessions, current and former aides said.

"The building of vehicles requires 100 percent of the parts to be there", she said, adding that seat belts, engines, transmissions and wiring harnesses are all brought across the US border.

Delays were already rising at several key border crossings as Trump ratcheted up pressure on Democrats in Congress to toughen USA laws against illegal immigrants, threatening to hurt the United States economy in the name of border security.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce began raising alarms last week about Trump's threat to shut down the border, saying it could have a crippling effect on the U.S. economy. But Trump has so far refused to back down.

Cars and trucks line up to enter Mexico from the a border crossing in El Paso, Texas, Friday, March 29, 2019.

A typical vehicle is assembled from 30,000 parts and Mexico is the largest source of foreign components for US manufacturers, who have geared their production to lean inventories and just-in-time delivery.

The auto industry is particularly vulnerable to a border shutdown because it imports $59.4 billion worth of parts from Mexico.

There are "900,000 people this year coming without any legal right to stay", she added, the source noted.