’OUR COUNTRY IS FULL’: Trump says migrants straining immigration system


Mr Trump is counting on seizing funds from other federal accounts and shifting them for the construction of about 725 kilometres of new barrier - a move being challenged in Federal Court because Congress has not given approval.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Monday that the administration will expedite the return of migrants to Mexico and speed up plans to deploy additional personnel to the border.

"Illegal migration, we can't take you anymore. We're not taking them anymore".

Felix Chavez, Chief Patrol Agent of the Del Rio Sector, told Trump during a round-table in California on Friday that the border wall in his sector was constructed in eight months from February to October.

Trump's rolling up the welcome mat for immigrants stands in opposition to the long-standing American tradition of welcoming immigrants summed up by the lines in Emma Lazarus's poem "The New Colossus", inscribed at the base of the Statue of Liberty.

Jeh Johnson, President Barack Obama's Homeland Security secretary, has been the most prominent Democrat to acknowledge what he said was a "crisis" at the border, in remarks that have been widely circulated by Republicans and conservative news outlets in recent days.

Indeed, ICE has set free more than 125,000 people who came into the U.S.as families since late a year ago and is now busing people hundreds of miles inland, releasing them at Greyhound stations and churches in cities like Albuquerque, San Antonio and Phoenix because towns close to the border already have more than they can handle.

Mr. Trump has yet to complete any new mileage of fencing or other barriers anywhere on the border.

"I'll do it", he said.

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While sounding tough, Trump's surprise shift this week to tariffs from the previous threat to close the border is a major climb down.

"Ron [Vitiello is] a good man", Trump told reporters.

As Trump traveled to California, 20 states filed a motion seeking to block the president from diverting federal funds to build a border wall. Mexico is the third largest USA trading partner and any hold ups at the border crossings would have an immediate impact on trade.

Although a border closing has been pushed back, the tariffs idea is causing confusion.

It was not immediately clear if Trump's demand for Mexico to crack down on the flow of migrants also faces a one year deadline or has to be satisfied in the near future.

Trump on Thursday threatened to impose tariffs on automobiles made in Mexico and close the southern U.S. border if the country did not stop "massive amounts of drugs" coming into the United States within one year.

It was also unclear how such tariffs would fit into the countries' deeply intertwined trading relationship, which is governed by NAFTA, a free trade accord also including Canada that is due to be replaced by an updated version called the USMCA. After this Trump told people who were performing in Mexico City on the crossroads in Mexico City, that the USA is filled, we cannot keep more people here.

On Friday, the Migration Institute said on Twitter that 57 Cubans were sent back to Cuba by plane in the morning.

Mexico is doing a "really great job" at "grabbing and taking" people, he said.