Doctors find four bees living under woman's eyelid


Well, this is kind of like that.

According to Business Insider Singapore, a 29-year-old Taiwanese woman known only as He was admitted to Taiwan's Fooyin University Hospital complaining of an eye infection.

A doctor in Taiwan pulled four small bees out of a 28-year-old woman's eye, shocked that they were living there.

While she was pulling weeds, Ms He noticed something had become stuck in her eye. She washed her eyes with water but kept experiencing severe pain. While mowing the grass around the tomb, there was a strong gust of wind and she felt some "foreign bodies enter my eyes". "I looked into the gap with a microscope and saw something black that looked like an insect leg", Dr Hong, an ophthalmology professor at the hospital told the BBC.

"I grabbed the leg and very slowly took one out, then I saw another one, and another and another". The insects had made a new home inside the woman's eyelid - that is, until they were all successfully removed alive.

Sweat bees, also known as Halictidae, are tiny insects usually found in fallen trees and near graves.

Sweat bees got their name because they are drawn to the moisture and salt of human perspiration - both are found in tears.

They have also been discovered to consume tears due to their high protein content, according to research by the Kansas Entomological Society.

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"She couldn't completely close her eyes", he told the BBC.

No, she wasn't getting her goth on. Ms.

And in a way it's like her ancestors were looking out for her.

Doctors believe it is a world first. Maybe, however, you're scared of bees living underneath your eyelids?

"They are still alive, they've been sent as specimens to another organisation and will be studied", said Dr Hong.

For those who can stomach it - and just have to see for themselves - photos from the examination were shown on Taiwanese TV, and they are... yep.

Hung said that to his knowledge this was the first case of sweat bees becoming lodged in someone's eye in Taiwan.

Ch-ch-check out the pics (below)!