Charlotte Hornets officially miss out on 2019 NBA Playoffs


They've been eliminated by LeBron James-led Cavaliers teams in each of the pas three seasons, and obviously won't have to deal with him this time around, but are still looking to prove they're capable of making the NBA Finals. They don't play at a fast pace, but all five of their starters can knock down the three-ball in a half-court set, something we see them run relatively frequently.

The Lakers would go back to being amongst the NBA's elite, while the Clippers would slide back into obscurity.

A playoff mainstay against a roster of greenhorns might look like an obvious mismatch, but insane things can happen in the playoffs, when game plan and matchups become even more important.

Someone forgot to tell the Clippers that they were supposed to be bad. The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most storied franchises in the National Basketball Association, and right now they're looking more confused and unstable than a class act. In response, Green praised their versatility and depth, saying this is one of the most talented group of players he's "been with in a while".

Orlando may have one of the best all-around offensive centers in the game in Vucevic, and Gordon is playing some of the best basketball of his career. The team has failed to recover from the injury, and have fallen out of playoff contention. The team was plagued with injuries all throughout the year, most notably to players like James, Rajon Rondo, and of course, Lonzo Ball.

"I couldn't even tweet it out to say, 'Hey, congratulations.' If I had did that, everyone would have said, 'He's tampering.' I don't like that".

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While the Lakers decide what to do with the head coach, it seems other teams are interested in him. The Raptors have also lost three series over that same period in which they had home-court advantage, even though National Basketball Association teams have a win probability at home of about 65 per cent in the playoffs.

The 10-year veteran finished the season shooting 45.5% from beyond the arc; his ability to stretch the floor is big for the Raptors offence and can sway a series.

The No. 2-seeded Raptors (58-24) went 2-2 against the Magic this season, splitting the contests in both venues. Also, the Hornets will play a regular-season game in Paris against the Milwaukee Bucks in Paris, and Parker is an iconic athlete in France. Not quite the outcome the Lakers expected when the season began. The 34-year-old won defensive player of the year in 2013, has two Olympic silver medals with Spain and has made six consecutive post-season appearances with Memphis. Additionally, several players have one-year contracts that will expire. They wanted the Playoff experience he provides and the savvy-veteran mentality he brings game in and game out.

On ESPN's "First Take" Wednesday morning, Stephen A. Smith reported that Johnson wanted to fire Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka before he made a decision to step down.

The Los Angeles Clippers have a far different outlook.

Whether Kawhi Leonard will remain with the Toronto Raptors after the 2018-19 playoffs is a subject of constant debate. Also, the Clippers would like to dispel the notion that a superstar (s) is required for a team to win a championship. Doc Rivers has proven to be able to get as much out of his team as possible, even after the exodus of talent they experienced.