Millions of Fisher Price sleepers recalled after death of 30 babies


The recall order, dated April 12, 2019, involves all models of the said product.

The recall is thought to affect over 4.7m sleepers that have been sold for between $40 and $149 over the past ten years.

"Based on the deaths and injuries associated with the Fisher-Price Rock "n Play, the product clearly puts infants" safety at risk and should be recalled immediately", William Wallace, a senior policy analyst at Consumer Reports stated.

A safety warning was issued last week, but The American Academy of Pediatrics urged Fisher-Price and the CPSC to recall the sleepers, calling them "deadly".

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A separate Consumer Reports investigation linked the device to at least 32 infant deaths, including some for babies younger than the 3-month-old benchmark from Fisher-Price's original warning. Families who have owned it for longer than that will be offered a voucher to redeem for a new Fisher-Price product, depending on how long they owned the Rock 'n Play Sleeper. In these instances, infants who were not in restraints rolled over in the Rock 'n Play. All 10 infants were three months or older. Tragically, that is not the case. She wants the recall to explain the "other circumstances" babies have died under using the sleeper. "We need to step up efforts to assure safety in products before they go on store shelves or into our homes".

The deaths occurred when infants rolled from their backs to their stomach or side and could not breath, the joint alert said.

The AAP does not recommend any sleeping products for infants or any products that require restraining a baby.

In a statement, obtained by PEOPLE on Friday, Chuck Scothon, general manager at Fisher-Price, said a "child fatality is an unimaginable tragedy".