Google is now offering search and browser options to users in Europe


The Android Q beta is already available for Pixel users, and in the latest version, some users reported that they got got the system update in the Play Store, similar to how one gets notifications for app updates.

From there you will have the choice to directly install the recommended apps and will be guided through the setup procedure, including setting the new search engine or browser as default.

Google, which is appealing the fine, agreed to provide European citizens a choice, in order to avoid a larger financial penalty, and this effort is now live.

Google says that the screens are now rolling out over the next few weeks and will apply to both existing and new Android phones in Europe.

If a search app is downloaded, Google Chrome will display a notification on next start that informs the user that the search engine can be changed. The company was found to have limited phone manufacturers' ability to use third-party software on Android devices.

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These screens will pop up when users open the Play Store. But it arrived as Internet Explorer's dominance was being eroded anyway by Mozilla's Firefox and Google's Chrome, and was deemed unlikely to have contributed significantly to its eventual demise.

The European Commission fined Google over $4 billion a year ago for practices related to the bundling of its apps on other manufacturers' phones. The apps shown will vary by country. Additionally, they will be asked whether they want to switch to a different default search engine the next time they open the Chrome browser app.

The company last month said it would let Android users choose their browser and search engine but did not provide details. These will apply to both new and existing Android phones in Europe. Now Google might release these Play Store updates very quickly, but when it comes to pushing these updates to every Android smartphone there is, it can take a lot of time. We're looking at two screens, one for search and one for browsers, as follows below.

Recently, the company also made changes to the SMS and Call Log permissions that would now restrict access to select use cases including when the users have chosen the app as their default messaging app.