Impossible Foods' Supply Drops Ahead of Burger King Launch


This decision could have significant implications for the environment and our health, as producing meat requires a lot of water and land and emits tons of fossil fuel emissions.

So taken were the diners from this sample group that Burger King announced on April 29 it will release its Impossible Whoppers across its 7,000-plus chains in the U.S. by the end of this year.

According to a spokesperson from Restaurant Brands International, Burger King's parent company, Burger King wants to make the Impossible Whopper available nationally by the end of 2019. "He said the series will sell the Impossible Whopper out nationally if reaction in additional test markets" is a strong as it had been in St. Louis".

Burger King partnered with the non-profit organization Mental Health America to increase visibility about issues surrounding mental health during May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month.

This move by Burger King represents the rapidly growing popularity and profitability of the meatless burger movement. That is what Burger King used in their Impossible Whoppers. The product is created to give the customers another option if they want to eat a burger every day, but not eat beef or any kind of meat.

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Now, Burger King has come up with a new meal box line that honors a full range of human emotions - from totally excited to super sad. Burger King's same-store sales grew 2% as the company tried to revive USA breakfast sales with a $5 monthly coffee subscription offer.

"It's really hard to distinguish between the Impossible Whopper and the first Whopper", he explained.

According to a CNN Business article, the global market for meat substitutes will grow to $6.4 billion by 2023.

"The Impossible Whopper is all Whopper, no beef".

"It seems like the world is coming around", said Brown in a statement. The California-based company is the maker of the Impossible Burger.