Sir Keir Starmer: Cross-party Brexit deal needs to include second referendum


That level of support would see the Brexit Party win 49 seats, becoming the UK's second biggest party after Labour, with 137.

British Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservatives have fallen to fifth place in an opinion poll ahead of the May 23 European parliamentary election as pressure grows for her to set a date for her own departure.

"Is the government actually prepared to change its red lines?"

Farage, a former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), a key figure in forcing Britain's 2016 referendum on European Union membership, launched his Brexit Party in April.

"That is why I believe that it would be inexcusable for the Government to not use the coming months to continue to prepare for the real risk we leave the European Union without a deal". "I do think we do probably in the coming days need to make that assessment".

Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer warned up to 150 Labour MPs would reject an agreement with the Government that did not include another vote.

The party's deputy leader, Tom Watson, is expected to call for a second vote in a speech on Monday.

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"For some people this is the ultimate protest vote opportunity".

The Sun says Mr Watson will tell the Fabian Society that Mr Smith, who was tipped to become prime minister before his death 25 years ago, saw "anti-EU sentiment" as "wrong-headed". "What we need to do is to get on with the job", he said, adding that the deal could be passed in the next few months.

A ComRes general election poll published on the weekend found Mr Farage's Brexit Party had overtaken the Tories for the first time, taking a one-point lead.

When it comes to the European elections, the Brexit Party is galloping ahead into first place with 34% support - doubling the existing gap to 13 points.

"Here we are, almost three years on from that referendum, Brexit's not been delivered, and frankly given this government and given this parliament there is no prospect of these parties delivering a clean break Brexit".

In terms of progress, the second most powerful man in the Labour Party said nothing new had been put on the table, and in some cases the talks had gone backwards.

"We're at the flawless storm, so yes, I think we'll get an absolute mauling".