USA eases curbs on Huawei; founder says move means little meaning

Share seeking to reassure customers of its wireless network equipment in the face of US trade restrictions imposed on the Chinese vendor, saying it has built up a 10-month stockpile of supplies made by American companies and has plans to replace those parts using suppliers from other countries.

Business Insider reported that Google's move to cut off Android panicked Huawei, which immediately received inquiries from customers asking if they can return their Google-powered phones.

Yesterday, the Commerce Department granted Huawei a license buy United States goods until August 19 to maintain existing telecoms networks and provide software updates to Huawei smartphones.

Over the weekend, Google reportedly suspended some business with Huawei, leaving some concerned that key features such as the Google Play store or apps like Google Maps could be affected. "In order to stand on the world's summit, for this goal, there will be conflicts with the U.S. sooner or later", Ren said.

The Commerce Dept. can also choose to extend the 90-day temporary license if neccessary.

Following Trump administration's move to ban trade deals with the United States, it will undoubtedly make it extremely hard for Huawei to do business with USA companies.

"For existing models already in market - there is no major impact", Liu said of Huawei devices running on Google's Android.

Yes, the US Commerce Department eased that ban temporarily to allow Google to play ball, but Huawei isn't taking this sitting down: the Chinese tech giant is developing its own alternative to the Android operating system, and it might be ready as early as "fall" of this year, according to the CEO.

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Answer: The products we have sold and now sell will not be affected.

Huawei is still prohibited from buying American-made hardware and software to make new products without further, hard-to-obtain licences.

The government tied Huawei's addition to the "entity list" to a pending case accusing the company of engaging in bank fraud to obtain embargoed USA goods and services in Iran and move money out of the country via the global banking system.

A report by Reuters has revealed that Google has stopped its business operations with China's Huawei with immediate effect.

The reprieve is meant to give telecom operators that rely on Huawei equipment time to make other arrangements, US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said in a statement yesterday.

In just the first quarter of 2019, Huawei shipped more than 59 million smartphones where a huge block of devices were powered by Android Operating System.

Question: Will this affect the regular use of Huawei phones?

The United States has temporarily eased trade restrictions on China's Huawei to minimise disruption for its customers, a move the founder of the world's largest telecoms equipment maker said meant little because it was already prepared for USA action.