China slams USA 'lies' about Huawei's government ties


Their hesitance is due to uncertainty about Google's previous announcement that it would restrict Huawei's access to updates of the Android operating system in compliance with a United States ban. The company sells tablets and laptops, wearables, and other devices, but it's also one of the three major telecommunications networking equipment providers in the world alongside Ericsson and Nokia.

Commerce ministry spokesman Gao Feng said China has lodged "solemn representations" with Washington, warning that Beijing has the "confidence and ability to protect the lawful rights and interests of Chinese companies".

Huawei smartphones had a 14% share of the Singapore market previous year, according to research firm Canalys.

Japanese firm Toshiba said later Thursday it had resumed shipment of all products to Huawei hours after announcing a temporary halt to check whether US-made parts were involved.

China said the United States needs to correct its "wrong actions" in order for trade talks to continue after it blacklisted Huawei, a blow that has rippled through global supply chains and battered technology shares.

However, the company has declined to comment on which components are subject to the ban and where they are getting produced.

Two British telecom companies, Vodafone and a unit of BT Group, said they would suspend the use of Huawei telephones in their new high-speed 5G networks.

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Another phone salesperson at Greenhills said she would only buy Huawei phones at a 50percent discount.

Following the media report, Arm released a statement, saying the company values its relationship with the chip division of Huawei, which is its longtime partner, and is hopeful for a swift resolution on this matter.

South Korean carrier KT also said it is considering halting sales of Huawei cell phones and tablets following the US export ban.

In Washington, US lawmakers this week introduced a bipartisan proposal to help telecom networks remove Huawei as they upgrade to 5G systems. However, whether or not Huawei itself will continue to make Arm chips in the future is still an open question.

"All our backup products are now being put to use, our long-term efforts will ensure continuous product supply", said Ren Zhengfei "We sacrificed [the interests of] individuals and families for the sake of an ideal, to stand at the top of the world".

The bigger fear is that curbing imports of Huawei equipment could prompt Beijing to retaliate.

Xiang Ligang, director-general of telecom industry association Information Consumption Alliance, said TSMC's commitment to continue shipping products is of strategic importance to Huawei.