2019’s Call of Duty game has an uninspired name


Multiple media outlets have cited sources claiming that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reveal will happen on May 30.

Fans have always been calling for another installment into the Modern Warfare series, particularly given the mixed community reception received by their last two titles: 2016's Infinite Warfare and 2013's Ghosts. So there should be a quality team putting the new game together.

It's getting to be the season for the Call of Duty 2019 reveal, which means it's also the season for Call of Duty leaks. Then again, I don't see how they'd get confused.

"No Russian" was a mission from Modern Warfare 2, in which the player controls undercover Central Intelligence Agency agent, Joseph Allen, who participates in the mass shooting of civilians at an airport, in an effort to cement his place in a Russian terrorist group.

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The 2019 release will also return with a story mode, after Activision ditched it for Battle Royale in Black Ops 4. These are some of the things that are present in Call of Duty Mobile that are not there yet in PUBG Mobile. Others are totally ambivalent to the news. We can effectively say that Battle Royale is one of the things in Call of Duty Mobile.

Although the titles are subtly different between the 2007 game and the upcoming game, it is apparently some sort of franchise reboot.

Since this is a Battle Royale mode, the fundamentals and objectives here are the same as PUBG Mobile or Fortnite.

While the branding and setting will surely be a strong part of the hype, 2019's Modern Warfare was always going to be a fresh start of sorts. Besides those, despite being a closed beta game, Call of Duty Mobile offers a lot of ingame content like skins and items that were not present on PUBG Mobile during its own beta phase. though admittedly Call of Duty Mobile is building on the foundation already laid by PUBG Mobile.