Mac Pro vs iMac Pro: which pro Mac is best for you?


Notably, Apple is only offering solid-state internal storage for the new Mac Pro, and the drives so-offered include Apple's T2 security chip.

In other words, it's very, very expensive and you can edit Jurassic World III on it. One Twitter user, Noemi Kalman, joked that Apple gave new meaning to "Mac and Cheese".

Apple didn't let anyone touch the new Mac Pro, but we got to ogle it from all angles and check out a few demos of the most powerful Mac chewing through Logic audio streams and 8K-resolution Final Cut Pro X projects easily. The display can also detach from the ARM, and there's a VESA mount adapter for those who want to keep their stands. The body is 52.9cm tall without its optional wheels, 45cm deep, and 21.8cm wide. Apple executives said the previous design put it in a "thermal corner", meaning that it couldn't make it much faster with that form factor.

Some consumers can't wait until it hits the shelves to start mapping out the Mac Pro set up on their desks. The Mac Pro has eight PCIe slots for expansion - four double-wide slots and three single-wide slots, as well as an I/O card with two Thunderbolt 3 ports and two USB Type-A ports, as well as a headphone jack. The motherboard includes a new Thunderbolt 3 connection for the addition of new components. A Mac Pro could push six of these displays, and a 15-inch MacBook Pro can power two. To go along with it, the company also unveiled a brand new 6K HDR monitor called the Pro Display XDR.

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Add in the Afterburner accelerator card, magic Keyboard and Trackpad, and the price reaches around $45,000. This is likely due to the fact that, unlike Apple CEO Tim Cook, most of us do not have a net worth measuring nine digits. The firm made a decent number of significant announcements but probably the most interesting for tech enthusiasts was the unveiling of the all-new Mac Pro computer and Pro Display XDR monitor. Each Mac Pro will have a 1400W power supply and up to two 2TB PCIe SSDs. For now, all Apple will say is that the base model starts at $6,000. The Pro Display XDR is going to be $4999, or $5999 for the nano-texture version. The stand alone is $999.

The new Mac Pro design is a major redesign, ditching the all-in-one stylings of the iMac Pro and moving past the cylindrical design of the 2013 Mac Pro.

Naturally, macOS 10.15 offers some souped-up security features; Gatekeeper now checks all apps for security issues, all apps are required to get permission before accessing user documents, and the side button on the Apple Watch can now be used to approve security prompts.