Passenger failed to locate plane's bathroom, but succeeded in opening emergency exit


The woman mistakenly opened the emergency exit door thinking it was the toilet.

"We regret the delay of PK771, which is an unfortunate effect of the delay of PK702, caused due to a passenger opening the emergency door", PIA wrote.

Pakistan International Airlines Flight 702, which was prepared for an on-time departure from Manchester to Islamabad on Friday night, ended up being delayed by nearly eight hours, according to the Independent of the UK.

Passengers booked on a Pakistan International Airlines flight to Islamabad were likely a little grumpy Friday night after one of their own erred while trying to use the bathroom-except it wasn't the bathroom.

The plane had landed at Manchester Airport from Islamabad.

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As a result, the aircraft's emergency slide immediately came out, due to which 37 passengers had to be offloaded by the PIA crew. The delay of the flight also led to a domino effect on later departures, for which the airline apologized on Twitter.

The airline had to provide the passengers with transporation and hotel accommodation as well as booking them onto other flights.

PIA chief executive Air Marshal Arshad Malik ordered an inquiry into the incident. The Independent reports that deploying an emergency slide is no small (or cheap) occurrence: it costs an airline anywhere between US$6,000 and $30,000 whenever one is inflated.

In September 2018, an Indian man travelling on a GoAir flight from New Delhi to Patna attempted to open the aircraft's rear exit.