Dozens of Sudanese officers 'arrested for refusing to use violence against protesters'


Nonetheless, the moves by both sides appeared to be a softening of positions after talks regarding a transitional council collapsed following a military crackdown on a protest sit-in last week in which dozens of people were killed.

"Naidoo said, "What we have witnessed in the past three days is horrific and barbaric". Travel agencies have been hit hard by a nationwide internet blackout on Monday.

But protesters say their shutdown is already successful.

According to SUNA, the USA official said that the worldwide community support the African Union and Ethiopian efforts to reach an agreement on the arrangements for the transitional period and achieve a democratic transition in Sudan. This followed a dispute over the composition of the Sovereign Council designated to manage the transitional period until elections.

The FFC said they agreed with the America officials that the military council should immediately withdraw military forces and militias from residential areas and replace them with police forces to maintain security.

Following Bashir's removal, protesters camped outside military headquarters in Khartoum for weeks to demand civilian rule, before security and paramilitary forces violently dispersed them.

Nagy arrived in the Sudanese capital Khartoum on Wednesday flanked with Donald Booth who was officially appointed as U.S. Special Envoy for Sudan.

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The military has been under pressure from the opposition Forces of Freedom and Change to hand over power of the country to civilian rule since it ousted dictator President Omar al-Bashir from the country's helm on April 11.

Global diplomatic efforts, however, received further boost after the UN Security Council on Tuesday urged all sides "to continue working together towards a consensual solution to the current crisis" and voiced support for African-led diplomatic efforts.

The U.S. assistant secretary of state for African affairs is to leave on the trip on Wednesday and also visit Ethiopia to discuss the Sudan crisis with the regional power as well as the African Union.

Military council chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan visits Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates in late May to shore up support.

The military-led government has blamed deteriorating conditions in Khartoum on the protesters' disobedience campaign, which has seen makeshift barricades thrown up in a number of districts.

The health ministry acknowledges that 61 people were killed on June 3 across Sudan, including 49 by "live ammunition" in the capital. Lieutenant General Jamaleddine Omar, a military council member, said on state television late on Sunday: "The military council has made a decision to reinforce the presence of armed forces, RSF [Rapid Support Forces] and other regular forces to help normal life return".

Doctors have said they counted at least 118 bodies after the siege by government-backed paramilitary groups, including 40 pulled out of the Nile River.