Phoenix police draw gun on couple after their daughter steals doll


"It was completely inappropriate and clearly unprofessional", Gallego wrote in a Facebook post. "As a mother myself, seeing these children placed in such a terrifying situation is beyond upsetting".

Ames claims that police followed them to a nearby apartment complex, but when Harper, who was in the backseat with her girls, told police the backseat didn't open, that's when the officer threatened to shoot her. The police released one video this week, but there are others online.

Officers were responding to a shoplifting report and could be heard screaming, "I'm going to put a cap in your ass", and "You're going to f***ing get shot!"

"I recognize that to get to the bottom of this issue and implement meaningful change, we are going to have some uncomfortable and painful conversations". It was then that a still unidentified cop is seen with his gun drawn pointing it at the family in the vehicle and telling them to get out of the auto.

The filing from the family alleges that Ames was thrown against a vehicle and kicked so hard that he collapsed before a police officer "kept his knee between the father's legs". Then, the officer dragged him upright and punched him in the back, the claim said.

Officers claimed Ames took a pair of underwear and that a woman with the couple, identified as Renita Biscoe, 48, had an item in her possession but dropped it as police arrived.

That same officer screamed profanities at both parents, and tried to take the mother's baby from her arms.

Dravon Ames and his fiancee, Lesha Harper, had just left a dollar store on May 29 with their daughters, ages 1 and 4, and were in their auto when they realized the older girl had taken a doll, according to a notice of claim filed Wednesday with the city.

"We owe it to our residents", she said.

The man was cuffed while being held to the ground by an officer, then lifted and shoved into a police auto.

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"When I tell you to do something you f*****g do it", the policeman yelled.

The couple only realized their daughter swiped the doll once they left the store, according to a notice of claim filed Wednesday that was obtained by the network.

The family says the officers used unnecessary force and have filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city.

The Phoenix Police Department did not return The Post's request for comment, but in a statement posted to Facebook on Saturday contested many details in the claim.

The incident occurred in May. Ames claims that not long after they pulled into the lot of the complex, an officer came over to their auto window, yelling and threatening to kill them.

No one was charged with shoplifting because the property was returned, and store employees didn't want the case prosecuted, police said.

After officers caught up with Ames and Harper, they discovered Ames was driving on a suspended license and cited him, according to a Phoenix Police Department statement released Friday. She has also scheduled a public meeting with the police chief for the community to air its thoughts about the troubling footage of the police interaction.

Phoenix police told ABC15 that the officer who verbally and physically attacked Ames is on a "non-enforcement assignment".

The man, who appeared to be complying, said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry". The woman was later booked for the warrants, according to police.