PM May would not repeat criticism of London Mayor - spokesman


Hunt, who pleaded last week for journalists to stop accidentally replacing the letter "H" with the letter "C" when pronouncing his name, has backed Donald Trump's latest attack on London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

"I'm too busy running London to worry about what the president tweets except for when it's amplifying the messages from far-right atavists".

The majority of the other Tory leader wannabes now vying for the honor of losing to Boris Johnson in the race for Downing Street were critical of Trump's online backing for Hopkins. "Khan is a disaster - will only get worse!", the President wrote.

Mr Trump's plane had not touched down in London when he made the "loser" tweet.

Two teenagers were killed within minutes of each other in different parts of the capital, whilst a man was stabbed to death hours later.

Earlier this month the U.S. president's plane had not even touched down in London for the start of a state visit when he tweeted that Khan was a "stone cold loser".

Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn attacked the US President's latest outburst, saying it was "absolutely terrible to see Donald Trump using the tragedy of people being murdered to attack the Mayor".

On a trip to London in July previous year, Trump accused Khan of doing "a very bad job on terrorism", linking immigration to a deadly wave of crime in London.

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Mr Khan had slammed the red carpet treatment for Mr Trump's visit earlier this month.

Meanwhile, Khan has blamed the increase of violent crimes on "massive cuts" on police resources, reported Sky News.

He said Mr Khan was "rightly supporting the police to do their job while Katie Hopkins spreads hateful and divisive rhetoric".

A spokesman for Khan has said he was wasn't prepared to "waste his time" responding to Trump, adding that the mayor is instead "focusing on supporting London's communities and over-stretched emergency services".

The latest was a man in his 40s who was stabbed to death this morning. It was also sunny at the time and a number of people would have been enjoying the weather in the area of Plumstead Gardens; I need you to come forward.

Trump's verbal attack on Khan was in reaction to the killings of three men in London which happened within 24 hours.

According to the murdermap project, which tracks homicides in London, 59 murders have been recorded in the British capital so far in 2019.