Kerala offers to help Chennai during ongoing water crisis


With the huge gap in supply and demand, a majority of Chennai's residents are now dependent on private water tankers.

"We have a problem at home and we have a problem here in the hospital". While the Supreme Court has given a judgment to store up to 152 ft after carrying out strengthening works, the Kerala government is not allowing this.

Residents have had to stand in line for hours to get water from government tanks, and restaurants have closed due to the lack of water. Tamil Nadu is facing acute water shortage this summer.

Another hospital a mile away has been unable to cater to the hundreds of women who come for deliveries each week. "Five districts in Tamil Nadu will benefit from this water", he said. This number will likely continue increasing, as the United Nations recently estimated that India's population will surge by nearly 300 million by 2050, and it will become the world's most populous country.

"I have never encountered a situation like this. smaller hospitals like ours are not given any importance", she added.

A man uses a hand-pump to fill up a container with drinking water as others wait in a queue on a street in Chennai, India, June 17, 2019. So far, almost 100 hostels in Chennai's neighbourhoods have been shut down.

Yesterday in Coimbatore more than 700 people were arrested for protesting to provide water. The inadequate rainfall in past monsoons has led to groundwater levels plummeting.

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Due to the severe water crisis in Chennai, the city's water supply board will start sourcing drinking water from Jolarpettai in two weeks, according to an announcement from Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami. Now, they "officially" maintain that the supply is in the region of 500-525 MLD, but there is no way a neutral source can verify the claim as residents complain about an 80 percent drop in frequency as well as quantity of water supplied to households. Why should we be denied water? "We are also talking to manufacturers for designing a technology which can produce water from humidity", he said. The water will be brought to Chennai, treated in Kilpauk and supplied to parts of northern and central Chennai till Triplicane.

The shortage in India's sixth largest city is symbolic of a crisis that is being felt across a country battling with one of its longest heatwaves, which has killed at least 137 people. The water situation has been very bad for the last month.

People in New Delhi are also being forced to rely on tankers delivering water amid a searing heat wave.

An alarming report previous year by the Indian government's own research institute, NITI Aayog, warned that 21 Indian cities, including New Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad, would run out of groundwater by 2020.

The government, while thanking Kerala for its one-time offer of sending 2 million litres of water by train, said it is planning to request the State to supply 2 mld instead. "Only if they acknowledge that there is a crisis, we can find a solution". Water from various districts will be aggregated at Jolarpet. The party's cadre held protests in Dindigul, Salem, Erode, Tiruppur, Thoothukudi and Ramanathapuramnto urge the government to take action to address the issue. Others are paying gargantuan sums of cash for non-public companies to develop water to their properties.

He wrote that the Minister of Kerala CM called the Secretary of Tamil Nadu CM and offered the help.