Newark Airport‏ resumes flights after brief closure due to emergency


Newark Liberty Airport reopened Saturday morning after it grounded all flights into and out of the airport due to an "airport emergency".

The airport initially tweeted around 8:35 a.m. ET that no arrivals or departures were being allowed because of an emergency. The airport later said all passengers were deplaned.

Travelers are encouraged to check with airlines before coming to the airport and should expect delays.

Newark Airport in the greater New York City area has reopened after an unspecified emergency.

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Officials with the airport or the Federal Aviation Administration couldn't immediately be reached for comment about the emergency.

According to reports citing officials, the plane experienced hydraulic problems when a tire blew out on the runway. "As someone that's now on a flight that's still stuck on the ground, pls be efficient Newark".

"All I know is that 10 minutes after takeoff we weren't getting much altitude, we were just circling around northern New Jersey and not going anywhere", passenger John Murrary told CNN.

"We're waiting now on a rig to show up and tow the damaged plane from the runway", Ladd said.

"There are no reported injuries and we're making alternate arrangements to get our customers to their final destination as soon as possible", the company said.