Tetris 99-Like Battle Royale Game Announced For Mobile


The new game is called Tetris Royale and will include a variety of game modes, not just the 100-player competitive mode where players will battle their way to the top of the leaderboards every season.

"Our team at N3TWORK is inspired to partner with this incredible brand and create new ways for millions of mobile game players around the world to play, compete and enjoy Tetris at an unprecedented scale". But if you are getting your vintage games confused, Tetris is the one where you stack awkwardly shaped blocks that fall at speed.

Tetris Royale is now in development for both iOS and Android.

Solo marathon mode will allow players to spend endless hours trying to figure out the game and continue as long as they can.

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According to the press release, Tetris Royale tasks players with rotating and stacking Tetrominos and clearing lines by completing horizontal lines. The presence of power-ups and boosters also point to the likelihood of a in-game monetization system, though it still remains to be seen what this will look like.

The Verge reports that the partnership between N3TWORK and The Tetris Company will be one that spans multiple years.

N3twork previously developed puzzle-oriented role-playing game Legendary: Game of Heroes and used its experience to become a distribution and monetization company. Tetris fans can expect to see a Tetris Royale beta game arrive some time later this year, but it's unclear when the final game will launch in the app stores and whether it will be free to download.