Senior MEP Has A Strong Message For Boris Johnson And Jeremy Hunt


Hunt and Johnson - Britain's current foreign secretary and his immediate predecessor - are competing for the votes of about 160,000 Conservative Party members across Britain. We won't blink as a country.

More than three years after voting to leave the EU, Britons still do not know whether they will leave with a deal, or without, or even leave at all.

Writing on Twitter on Monday, Mr Hammond said: "The "fiscal firepower" we have built up in case of a no-deal Brexit will only be available for extra spending if we leave with an orderly transition. If we could do it for the bankers in the financial crisis, we can do it for our fisherman, farmers and small businesses now", he added.

Mr Hunt also pledged cuts to corporation tax at an estimated cost of £13 billion per year in the short term and an increase in defence spending to cost an additional £15 billion in four years.

Pressed on whether he would be willing to tell businesses across the United Kingdom that they will face a genuine risk of going bust because of a no-deal Brexit, Mr Hunt said: "I would do so but I'd do it with a heavy heart, precisely because of the risks".

Mr Hunt has repeatedly said in the past that a no-deal Brexit is not his desired option, but that it is necessary to prepare for the possibility.

He says leaving the European Union on the now scheduled date of October 31 is a "do or die" issue and has threatened to withhold an agreed 39 billion-pound ($50 billion) divorce payment unless the European Union offers changes to the current withdrawal agreement.

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He told Newsnight: "When you get to the moment when Parliament is actually looking at this, then I believe the House of Commons will act, because I am still of the view that there is not a majority in Parliament for a no-deal Brexit".

The government would also channel £6 billion ($7.6 billion, 6.7 billion euros) to industries most threatened by a no-deal Brexit. Six billion pounds was nowhere near enough to protect the people of Britain from a no-deal Brexit, insisted the party's Brexit spokesman.

"I will mark my ballot for Jeremy Hunt".

"It is time Jeremy Hunt got to grips with reality". "But to show them he is willing and able to do so".

"I will mitigate the impact of no-deal Brexit on [businesses] and step in to help smooth those short-term difficulties", he will say during the speech in London.

"Of course he's right we are going to make sure that we properly fund our public services".