Where will you be able to stream Spider-Man: Far From Home?


"Obviously, we mentioned it in Far From Home but [Mysterio's] not telling the truth but I think that's a fun storytelling opportunity for us just the way they've done for years in the comics", Feige explained.

Looking at the events of Spider Man: Far From Home, it surely feels like Kraven the Hunter could well be the next villain.

Spider-Man: Far From Home took in an impressive US$93.6 million (S$127.4m) in North America over the US July 4 holiday weekend and has passed the half-billion-dollar mark worldwide, industry watcher Exhibitor Relations estimated on Sunday. The agreement for Holland includes three solo films by Spider-Man and three other MCU projects, according to a report.

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The Summer 2019 box office has been in a funk recently, so leave it up to a new Marvel Cinematic Universe to energize things profoundly. Knowing that he'd been defeated, Quentin Beck/Mysterio used his final moments not just to frame Spider-Man, but also to reveal Peter's identity to the world, which is a rather big fucking deal for obvious reasons. Hopefully One More Day isn't the story Marvel and Sony have earmarked for a future Spider-Man movie, and the radical new tale that will be told in the flick will satisfy fans the world over.

When the movie was over, we were given two credit scenes.

J.K. Simmons isn't just the best J. Jonah Jameson we've ever seen. he's also an Academy Award winning actor who is great in pretty much everything he's ever been in. However, there is a highly likely chance that Spider-Man will never become the next Iron Man. By the looks of it, Tom Holland's portrayal of Spider-Man is turning into a massive personality in the MCU. That isn't really the reason Jameson himself harasses Spider-Man, but it's an idea that's baked into the characters' dynamic, and goes on to make Peter's stint working at the newspaper even more layered with meaning.