Author: 0 Former Reagan WH Staffer: 'Donald Trump, You Are No Ronald Reagan'

What my mom and dad, conservative Republicans from the deep south, always told me Americans were, a mom and dad who never voted for a Democrat other than when my mom sneaked into the voting booth to vote for JFK because she thought he was attractive.

USA In speech of her life, Clinton seeking to dispel doubts
Author: 0 In speech of her life, Clinton seeking to dispel doubts

More than 55 percent of voters will be women in the upcoming November elections, and Clinton is trying to reach those voters in her bid to get to the White House. "I thought that was very surprising", he said. We will not accept the current state of our country because it's too hard to change. Obama reflected on his presidency for most of the speech, discussing what has been accomplished for the country over seven-and-a-half years.

USA 6 more Michigan public workers charged in Flint water crisis
Author: 0 6 more Michigan public workers charged in Flint water crisis

Then in April 2014, with the city under the control of an emergency manager appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder (R), officials switched to Flint River water to save money. The attorney general launched his investigation into Flint's contaminated water in January of 2016. "Their offenses vary, but there's an overall theme and repeated pattern", Schuette said.

Author: 0 Indiana GOP panel backs Gov. Pence's preferred successor

U.S. Reps. Todd Rokita and Susan Brooks are also considered to be top contenders for the job. The 22-member Indiana Republican state committee will vote Tuesday to choose a Republican gubernatorial candidate to replace Pence on the November ballot.

Author: 0 New poll shows Clinton leading in Florida

The Kaiser Family Foundation, in a telephone survey of 1,212 voters, asked respondents whether Ms. Clinton , the presumptive Democratic party candidate or Donald Trump , the presumptive Republican party candidate, best represented their own views on health care.

Author: 0 Tim Kaine gets a warm homecoming in Richmond

The frustration from Sanders, a US senator from Vermont, suggested the convention could be less serene than hoped by the Clinton camp, which wanted to offer a contrast with last week's chaotic Republican convention. "As children of the governor, we could have easily continued attending our all-white schools in the West End", she said years later. Joining Clinton at a rally in the battleground state of Florida, the bilingual Kaine peppered Spanish-language phrases into a speech focused on ...

Author: 0 Black Lives Matter protesters block ME road

As quoted in Raw Story, McKesson also says , "My heart goes out to the victims of all violence", and that nobody should have to die by gunfire, whether they were police officers or the people they're supposed to protect. "We just want our community to come together and make sure that we are uplifted and we stay together and we standing together as a community". According to the petition's authors, Black Lives Matter has "earned" the terrorist label because of its actions in Ferguson, ...

Author: 0 Democratic National Committee Chief to Step Down After Publication

Wasserman Schultz will not speak at the convention, CNN reported. It's become a bit easier for Hillary Clinton to formally claim the nomination at the upcoming Democratic National Convention. But she had insisted that she would remain as chair until after the general election in November. Sanders is a relative newcomer to the Democratic party and the DNC, having long served as an independent in the Senate.

USA Michael Bloomberg to endorse Hillary Clinton
Author: 0 Michael Bloomberg to endorse Hillary Clinton

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg attends a meeting during the World Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21) at Le Bourget, near Paris, France, December 4, 2015. Bloomberg is dedicated to the defeat of Trump because he viewed him as a "threat to American security". According to The New York Times newspaper, the decision reflects Bloomberg's dismay over the rise of controversial Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump .

USA Soberanes Fire prompts evacuation warning for Carmel Highlands
Author: 0 Soberanes Fire prompts evacuation warning for Carmel Highlands

Residents should be prepared to leave their homes immediately if the warning is upgraded to a voluntary evacuation order, according to Monterey County officials. The blaze five miles south of Garrapata State Park posed a threat to 1,000 homes and the community of Palo Colorado was ordered to be evacuated, Cal Fire said.

Author: 0 Turkish embassy tries to play down worldwide reports of purge of critics

He made his announcement in front of government ministers after a meeting of the National Security Council that lasted almost five hours. Gulen, in a statement released Tuesday, said Erdogan "once again demonstrated he will go to any length necessary to solidify his power and persecute his critics".

Author: 0 Clinton: Still risky to be LBGT in US

The North Fort Myers graduate said her whole family supports Clinton. Clinton reiterated her commitment to addressing gun violence and disrupting global networks that terrorists use to execute these attacks. She placed a bouquet of white flowers at the site next to a candle and a framed photo of a cross. Donald Trump, GOP presidential nomination in hand, is re-litigating a pair of primary flaps he had with former rival Ted Cruz.

USA McConnell: Trump Will Fill Scalia's Supreme Court Seat
Author: 0 McConnell: Trump Will Fill Scalia's Supreme Court Seat

Joanna Allhands of The Arizona Republic , Josh Hafner of USA TODAY and Brett McGinness of the Reno Gazette-Journal break down its significance. "If we don't like Hillary, we have to stay together on this". More than 60 elected officials from across the country are scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next week.

Author: 0 Anti-Hillary merchandise on sale in Cleveland

They questioned whether Clinton was really running her campaign effectively, having spent about $47 million in television ads. Baldasero, a New Hampshire state legislator and convention delegate who advises the Trump campaign on veterans' issues , told a radio interviewer Tuesday that the presumptive Democratic nominee "is a disgrace for the lies she told those mothers about their children [in Benghazi]...

USA Daughter Ivanka Trump raises issues father rarely mentions
Author: 0 Daughter Ivanka Trump raises issues father rarely mentions

Claiming that this was a successful convention, Trump said Ted Cruz by not endorsing him has ruined his political career. CLEVELAND (AP) - Donald Trump's daughter promised Thursday that her father will fight for equal pay for women and affordable childcare for parents, issues the Republican nominee has rarely if ever addressed on the campaign trail.

USA I wouldn't accept Cruz's endorsement
Author: 0 I wouldn't accept Cruz's endorsement

The elder Trump possesses "the kindness and compassion that will enable him to be the leader that this country needs", she said. It's clear to see, Ivanka stole the show with her surprisingly progressive speech. Basking in the glow of victory, Trump dismissed Cruz's opposition in his remarks to volunteers and said he wouldn't accept the Texan's endorsement in any event.

USA Clinton: First day of Republican convention 'surreal'
Author: 0 Clinton: First day of Republican convention 'surreal'

Former Republican congressman Newt Gingrich also made mention of how disproportionately pressured African-Americans are in America compared to white Americans in an address to the NY delegation on Monday , which suggests that the issue is something that dominates both of the political sides.

Author: 0 Friend says slain officer was 'made to serve'

People used to have respect for law officers". "See how they do us?" "We must rise above the senseless violence that seeds hate at the very time we need to build unity", Emanuel said. Ganem, owner of Trey Ganem Designs in Edna, Texas, said employees spent hours researching each fallen officer, speaking to their families and designing the caskets.

USA Sabres' Evander Kane charged with harassment at bar
Author: 0 Sabres' Evander Kane charged with harassment at bar

Per The Buffalo News , Kane was seen outside the Central Booking Bureau in City Court at around 11 a.m. EDT this morning, where he was placed in handcuffs and brought into the building by police officers. The woman says Kane grabbed her by the throat and tried to force her in to his auto in the parking lot outside the bar. "While outside. suspect grabbed complainant around the throat and tried pushing her into his vehicle".

USA Orange County's Clear the Shelter Event this Weekend
Author: 0 Orange County's Clear the Shelter Event this Weekend

County where homeless animals are brought for humane care without risk of being killed due to lack of space, illness or injury. Those who catch a Pokemon will be give 50 percent discount and those who win a battle will be able to adopt a pet for free.

Author: 0 Johnson shares lead in Canada

Dustin Johnson and Luke List may be co-leaders, but it's the weather that's dominating play at the RBC Canadian Open. The 21-year-old du Toit is tied at 5-under 67 alongside former World No. The scene at Glen Abbey a year ago on the final day was something I'll never forget. "Just stayed really patient and closed strong and was 4-under on the last four".

USA What they are saying about Bernie Sanders endorsing Hillary Clinton
Author: 0 What they are saying about Bernie Sanders endorsing Hillary Clinton

The plan: "feed beans to Democratic National Convention delegates for Bernie Sanders, and send them into the Philadelphia convention hall to show what they think of the former secretary of state". "You will always have a seat at the table when I am in the White House", Clinton told Sanders during a rally in New Hampshire. The event at a Portsmouth high school sought to project Democratic unity before Republicans formally nominate Trump next week in Cleveland but some Sanders' supporters in ...

Author: 0 Trump, by Trump: Ivanka Trump's dress in the spotlight

Not only did she do an wonderful job at the mic, but she did a great one as the chief pitchwoman for Trump to other women; she made him sound like a Democrat. Yes, she's an executive in her father's organization. This. THIS is the opinion the Trump campaign has of women. "He is authentic. Nobody tells him who to be", she said.

USA Benghazi victim's mother: 'Hillary for prison'
Author: 0 Benghazi victim's mother: 'Hillary for prison'

For all of this loss, for all of this grief, for all of the citizens and the tragedy of Benghazi has brought upon America, I blame Hillary Clinton! Do you side with Pat Smith or Hillary Clinton? Smith said her son had called her the evening before the Benghazi attack and said, "Mom, I am going to die".

Author: 0 Trump says that Cruz has broken his loyalty oath in Cleveland

Cruz threw the entire convention into chaos as he wrapped up his speech, refusing to throw a hard endorsement Trump's way. "Ted Cruz said you can vote your conscience for anyone who will uphold the Constitution", Gingrich said. Patton, who is black, said she was proud to support Trump "not just in spite of the colour of my skin, but in fact because of the colour of my skin".

USA Trump narrows gap with Clinton as Republicans rally in Cleveland: Reuters/Ipsos
Author: 0 Trump narrows gap with Clinton as Republicans rally in Cleveland: Reuters/Ipsos

Trump's wife, Melania, received criticism because her speech Monday included two passages with similarities to a speech first lady Michelle Obama delivered at the 2008 Democratic convention. He hit her on China, Syria and then on Iran - Christie said she led the Iran negotiations and "brought about the worst nuclear deal in history", Christie charged, making the the USA and the world "measurably less safe and less respected".

USA Firefighters: Plane Crashes in Northern Illinois City
Author: 0 Firefighters: Plane Crashes in Northern Illinois City

There were no reports of any other injuries on the ground. The explosion could be heard from as far away as 119th Street and Route 59 on the border of Plainfield and Naperville, and several witnesses near the crash reported that the blast caused their homes to shake.

Author: 0 Trump On Cruz Speech: No Big Deal

He told the Texans, he had no intention of coming to the Trump campaign, hat in hand, like "a servile puppy dog". Only Trump's sudden appearance in his family's box, dispensing smiles and waves, quieted the simmering crowd. There's certainly overwhelming support for Trump at the convention. "How do you get booed out of an arena at your own party?" Arizona Rep. Trent Franks, a supporter of Cruz during the primary, said he was "disappointed" by the speech, adding that "for the people ...

USA Actor Peter MacNicol loses 'Veep' Emmy nod over technicality
Author: 0 Actor Peter MacNicol loses 'Veep' Emmy nod over technicality

A replacement for MacNicol has not been announced, but The Academy does expect find another nominee to fill his spot, according to The Hollywood Reporter . The information we received from the production was that Peter MacNicol was eligible as a guest star because he would appear in only four episodes.

USA Things to Know About the Coming Heat Wave
Author: 0 Things to Know About the Coming Heat Wave

Today , expect a high of 98 with a heat index as high as 109, according to the weather service. It's expected to drop slightly, to 88 degrees, on Saturday . Heat stroke victims require medical attention. High temperatures and humidity will bake much of the central USA this week, making it feel as hot as 115 degrees in some places and leading some cities to open cooling stations and take other precautions.

USA Writer says Trump's son did not plagiarize in GOP address
Author: 0 Writer says Trump's son did not plagiarize in GOP address

Maples married Donald Trump in 1993, that same year Tiffany was born. Outside of the 160,000 people who follow her on Instagram , 22-year-old Tiffany Trump is not well known to the rest of the world. "So it's a real honor and a privilege that he asked me to do this, and I think it's a testament to him as a parent". Of course, it would be extraordinarily hard for any Republican to unseat Schumer, the likely next Senate Democratic leader, in deep-blue NY.

Author: 0 Trump kids, Chris Christie speak

At any other convention this would be a headline-making disaster; here it was just a blip. It is not normal. "Tonight, as a former federal prosecutor I welcome the opportunity to hold Hillary Rodham Clinton accountable for her performance and her character", Christie said .

USA 'Wrong must be corrected' for black man killed by police
Author: 0 'Wrong must be corrected' for black man killed by police

Officials say police went to the convenience store after an anonymous caller said they had been threatened by someone with a gun. Ms Carter said she bought a rhythm and blues CD from Mr Sterling about a year ago and took it out and played it again after his death.

USA Simi Valley woman suspected of fatally shooting her boyfriend
Author: 0 Simi Valley woman suspected of fatally shooting her boyfriend

A 75-year-old Southern California woman has been arrested in connection with the death of her 83-year-old boyfriend who was found dead in their home. She was not at the property when the homeowner stopped by. She added that she had "never really had any contact with him", though. After hearing from the person who purchased the home, detectives went there and called Karacas - asking that she meet them there, Jones said.

Author: 0 Southwest suffers technology outage; flights held at gates

Southwest expects to move back towards normal operations, but believe it will take time. The company's website,, appeared to not allow booking or check-in and had a notice saying, "We're working hard to get you where you want to be..." On the airline's official Twitter page, Southwest tweeted: "We are aware and investigating current issues with our systems".

Author: 0 Vigil planned for Baton Rouge police at LSU

The images showed 29-year-old Gavin Long outside the gas station and auto wash where he shot three officers and wounded three others on Sunday. He was divorced and living in a working-class neighborhood, and Missouri records show he had no criminal history.

USA Half of arrestees where Castile died are black — APNewsBreak
Author: 0 Half of arrestees where Castile died are black — APNewsBreak

Make checks payable to the Dallas Police Support Fund. Ahrens was a father of two and husband. The melodies of a piano reverberated throughout Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, on Wednesday before the service was to begin. "It took some time to process everything and try to understand why", Emily told the mourners adding, "I can't". Rodriguez said of his murdered friend, "He wanted to be a hero to everyone and help them in any way [he] could".

USA Caught on Cam: Distracted 'Pokemon Go' Driver Crashes Into Police Car
Author: 0 Caught on Cam: Distracted 'Pokemon Go' Driver Crashes Into Police Car

Seconds later, the driver swerves, side-swiping the cruiser. Police ran after the SUV, which pulled over further down the block. The officer was not in the auto at the time, and no occupants in the driver's vehicle were injured. "It's a game, but it's not a game when you're behind the wheel", public information officer T.J. Smith said. Police did not identify the driver or say if he was charged.

USA Police break up skirmishes among demonstrators in Cleveland
Author: 0 Police break up skirmishes among demonstrators in Cleveland

Helmeted officers, some in protective equipment and others wearing shorts, separated a crowd of Black Lives Matters protesters from other protesters wearing masks and helmets, occasionally lifting their bikes to push through the crowd. Cynthia Bryant, executive director of the California GOP, told delegation members to wash their hands frequently, avoid shaking hands and not to share food.

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