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Author: 0 South Sudan armed opposition claims to remove vice president

Machar has issued a directive all the members of his group and military commanders to cut off communication with Gai who had earlier reported to have accepted to assume the former rebel leader's responsibility as first vice-president in the unity government.

Author: 0 Corbyn heckler mounts legal challenge on leadership vote

Corbyn , a veteran of Labour's left wing, was elected leader with 59.5 percent of the membership vote last September but has been criticized by centrist figures in the party who believe his policies do not appeal to the wider British electorate.

Author: 0 Malaysia meet agrees to suspend MH370 search operations

The search that ensued and is ongoing, at the present time, concentrated on a wide area of 120,000 square kilometers in the southern Indian ocean, where the last signals of satellite communication between the plane and the ground station had taken place.

World Media Clinton aims to take Trump's convention thunder with VP pick
Author: 0 Clinton aims to take Trump's convention thunder with VP pick

In Cleveland, Trump's acceptance of the Republican nomination capped his improbable takeover of the GOP, a party that plunges into the general election united in opposition to Clinton but still torn over Trump. Christina Hagan, a state representative from OH, didn't respond directly when asked by Newsweek whether she anxious Trump's campaign would dampen support from women voters for down-ballot elections, like hers.

Author: 0 Republican panel leaves anti-Trump move gasping for breath

Under current Republican Party rules, delegates' votes are to be tallied for the candidate to whom they are bound as a result of state party primaries, conventions and rules. Trump had planned to unveil his vice presidential preference at a news conference Friday, but later confirmed he would delay the announcement out to deference to dozens of people believed to have been killed by a truck driven through a Bastille Day celebration in Nice, France.

World Media UN condemns killings of children in northern Syria
Author: 0 UN condemns killings of children in northern Syria

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the coalition's allies on the ground, said in a statement that they had provided intelligence for airstrikes on Tokkhar. Moreover, the US-led coalition promised an investigation into the possible civilian casualties in Manbij . US Defense Secretary Ash Carter said on Wednesday that the US-led coalition would investigate the reports of civilian casualties.

Author: 0 Turkey is purging 1577 university deans and 15200 education workers

Some of the US aircraft carrying out bombing raids in Iraq and Syria are based in Turkey . Gulen, a 75-year-old former ally of Erdogan, has lived in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania since the late 1990s. Turkey had abolished the death penalty in 2004 in hopes of locking down its membership in the European Union. Erdogan has faced wide criticism of conducting a "witch hunt" against his opposition and after the failed coup .

World Media United Kingdom seeks greater role on global stage after Brexit
Author: 0 United Kingdom seeks greater role on global stage after Brexit

Johnson, the former mayor of London who was a leader of the Brexit movement, said UK Prime Minister Theresa May would lead a cabinet subcommittee related to exiting the European Union that planned to meet in the next several days and would be "the main body where discussions will be held".

Author: 0 Tim Tebow Just Called Out Donald Trump On This Huge Lie

The third night is reserved for Trump's vice presidential pick to speak, now widely rumored to be Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. "I'm a man of my word", said Clymer, a Riverside resident who is chief financial officer of Ben Clymer's The Body Shop.

Author: 0 Owen Smith enters Labour leadership race

A meeting of the Labour NEC on Thursday ruled that union affiliates who had joined in the last six months would be barred from voting, bringing them into line with the previously declared rules on people who have joined as full members. Sky's Chief Political Correspondent Jon Craig said: "I haven't seen Mr Corbyn look this cheerful for a few weeks". "Far too many individuals, Members of Parliament and others are being intimidated, bullied, harassed physically assaulted".

Author: 0 Nevada RNC delegates weigh in on Cruz endorsement snub

Say what you will about Ted Cruz's politics or personality, but it takes a special kind of chutzpah to stand up at a convention - in front of millions of viewers - and unfurl a comprehensive attack on the party's nominee. Gov. Dan Patrick , an ardent Cruz supporter who chaired his Texas campaign. "Then when I saw somebody tweeted a picture of Melania and a picture of Heidi, who I think, by the way, is a very nice woman and a very handsome woman".

Author: 0 United Nations shelters 7000 people amid South Sudan fighting

In the strongest terms, IGAD condemned the eruption of the gun fights between the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) and opposition (SPLA-LO) in Juba and the huge loss of lives and causalities, as well as destruction of properties that still continues unabated.

Author: 0 At least 300 killed in latest South Sudan violence

Residents of Juba tell VOA the city remained calm Thursday, three days after a cease-fire took effect, but that people remain on edge and are not sending their children to school in case fighting resumes. They signed a peace deal in August 2015, but implementation has been slow. " If there was anyone hunting for them, they could find them ", Kiir said.

Author: 0 Who said it: Ivanka Trump or Hillary Clinton?

She is his child from first wife Ivana Trump . Women represent 46 percent of the total US labor force, and 40 percent of American households have female primary breadwinners. Recalling an incident from her childhood, Ivanka narrated how her father "ripped out newspaper clippings of people in need and reaching out to help".

Author: 0 Indian air force plane with 29 missing over Bay of Bengal

Four aircraft, 12 ships and a submarine have been deployed to search for the plane , the ministry of defence said. In the latest development, the number of ships deployed for the search and rescue now stands at 17. According to official, last contact was made with the aircraft, a "courier flight", 16 minutes after take-off. The Navy has also pressed into service two Dornier aircraft and 12 ships with the Eastern Fleet Commander on board for the search and rescue operation.

Author: 0 Philippines` Top Court Frees Ex-President Arroyo After Five Years

The 69-year-old who suffers from a spinal illness was accused of stealing 366 million pesos ($8.8 million) in state lottery funds meant for charity programmes while she was in office between 2001 and 2010. In fact, Mendoza said the Supreme Court decision acquitting Arroyo may also benefit former president Benigno Aquino III, if he would be charged for the anomalies involving the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), an impounding mechanism to realign savings to pet projects the practice of ...

World Media Colorado town's water may be tainted with marijuana chemical
Author: 0 Colorado town's water may be tainted with marijuana chemical

THC was detected in some tests conducted with field kits, and more definitive laboratory tests are underway, according to sheriff's Capt. Michael Yowell, the Associated Press reported . Detectives are stressing that six of 10 water samples taken tested positive, but more conclusive testing is necessary before they can allow the water to be used.

Author: 0 Two further arrests in Nice over truck attack

Former president Nicolas Sarkozy has accused the government of complacency and called for the expulsion of foreign nationals with known links with radical Islam. "That last day he said he was in Nice with his European friends to celebrate the national holiday", Jabeur said, adding that in the photo "he seemed very happy and pleased, he was laughing a lot".

Author: 0 Turkey to Suspend Human-Rights Convention

U.S. President Barack Obama has urged Erdogan to ensure the investigations and prosecution of the coup's perpetrators are conducted in ways that reinforce public confidence in democratic institutions and the rule of law. The government says 312 people were killed in the coup , including 145 civilians, 60 police, three soldiers and 104 plotters. Earlier on Thursday, the German FM told the media he did not have full confidence that the state of emergency was an appropriate response to the ...

Author: 0 Ukraine: journalist Pavel Sheremet killed by vehicle bomb in Kyiv

Anton Gerashchenko, a member of parliament and adviser to the interior ministry, referred to the killing of Sheremet as a "cynical murder", adding that it could be used to "to destabilise the internal political situation in Ukraine ". He later joined Russia's state Obshestvennoye Televideniye (Public Television) before resigning after less than a year in protest against Russia's stance toward Ukraine .

World Media PM In Paris For Brexit Talks With Hollande
Author: 0 PM In Paris For Brexit Talks With Hollande

Hollande said that May's appointment on July 13 as prime minister had more quickly than expected resolved the question of who would lead the negotiations on Britain's behalf, leaving little reason to postpone. "This is absolutely obvious", he said. Mr Hollande said that he understood that the Good Friday Agreement needed to be "preserved" as he described how he was very aware of the potential impact of Brexit on Ireland.

World Media US goes after more than $1billion taken from Malaysian fund
Author: 0 US goes after more than $1billion taken from Malaysian fund

ST PHOTO: MARK CHEONG The details now provided in the cases filed by the US DOJ are astonishingly thorough. U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch announces the filing of civil forfeiture complaints seeking the forfeiture and recovery of more than $ 1 billion in assets associated with an global conspiracy to launder funds misappropriated from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB in Washington July 20, 2016.

Author: 0 Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk OF Fame Star Gets A Wall

According to CBS Los Angeles , the mini-wall was the work of L.A. street artist Plastic Jesus. It's unclear whether Plastic Jesus implemented a similar plan to force the Hollywood Walk of Fame to pay for his wall. On a practical level Trump's star really does need a wall to protect it from citizens who have demonstrated their outrage at Trump's racist and misogynist comments by vandalizing it.

World Media Caitlyn Jenner: Easier to come out as trans than Republican
Author: 0 Caitlyn Jenner: Easier to come out as trans than Republican

Caitlyn went on to say she has "tremendous respect for the trans community and what they have gone through". "As a proud Republican and transgender woman, I want to support courageous Republicans who advocate for LGBT freedom". She added that she'd personally experienced no issues with which bathroom to use. "I am and everybody in the transgender community is for safety. Anyways, Oh my God, Trump International Tower, I love this", Jenner says in the video.

World Media Strict behaviour rules for footballers, coaches introduced in EPL
Author: 0 Strict behaviour rules for footballers, coaches introduced in EPL

The FA, Premier League and the Football League announced their joint initiative yesterday, backed by the League Managers Association and the PFA. But besides giving out red cards to players who swear at them, referees are also being instructed to hand out yellow cards for a host of other behaviors.

Author: 0 Child beheading in Syria triggers backlash against U.S. backed rebels

A disturbing video circulating online shows an alleged group of US -backed Syrian rebels beheading a Palestinian boy who they accused of being a fighter loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. In his remarks Tuesday, Toner said a confirmation of the details about the beheading would "give us pause about any assistance or, frankly, any further involvement with this group".

World Media Student in winter coat prompts bomb alert in Brussels
Author: 0 Student in winter coat prompts bomb alert in Brussels

Authorities said a man seen wearing a winter coat with a wire hanging out of it was not a threat. Still, police in Brussels remain hypervigilant following March's attack which left at least 34 dead and 230 wounded. The capital was already on high alert for the holiday, but this has been elevated further by the slaying of revellers in an Islamist attack during the celebrations of France's national day in Nice last week.

Author: 0 Russian Federation has earned an Olympic ban

The 60-year-old said the majority of global sporting federations supported Russian athletes competing in Rio and added comments by USA officials calling for a blanket ban were an attempt to influence the IOC's decision. The summer association's position falls in line with recent comments by Bach, who cited the need for balancing "individual justice and collective punishment".

Author: 0 Egyptian FM to visit Israel in first such visit in a decade

Two weeks ago Shoukry met Palestinian President Abbas in Ramallah. In April, the Israeli military's deputy chief of staff spoke of an "unprecedented level of cooperation" with Egypt, mainly regarding intelligence. A recent report from the Quartet for the Middle East peace process-comprising the United Nations, the U.S., Russian Federation and the European Union-criticized both the current Israeli and Palestinian approaches to peace.

Author: 0 Ronaldo named in Euro 2016 team of the tournament, Bale misses out

That was substitute Eder who came on in the final 10-minutes of normal time, victor it in extra time. What a fantastic moment, one that certainly helped this France fan cope with the result and will likely see him do the same at some other stage in his life for another sad fan.

World Media Labour 'cannot become the new nasty party', Angela Eagle warns
Author: 0 Labour 'cannot become the new nasty party', Angela Eagle warns

A SCOTTISH campaign to re-elect Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader has called on his opponents to remain in the party whatever the result of the contest. That's why my whole political mission is to get working class kids the right opportunities to shine. At his launch to be the next Labour leader Owen Smith said he would "renationalise the railways tomorrow".

Author: 0 Iran's FM extolls country's ability to restore nuke program

The Iranian foreign minister, who was Iran's top negotiator at the talks, said the country said in a statement early on after the conclusion of the deal that the Islamic Republic will continue its activities against terrorism, which a principal policy of Iran and has nothing to do with the JCPOA.

Author: 0 Gov. Christie 'prosecutes' Hillary Clinton at RNC

Four of his children joined the state's delegation on the convention floor for the historic moment and appeared overwhelmed with emotion. "An immigration system that favors illegals than those trying to go through the process legally, and at times , even over law-abiding citizens", Trump Jr.

World Media Airbnb will begin collecting the hotel tax from its hosts in LA
Author: 0 Airbnb will begin collecting the hotel tax from its hosts in LA

Airbnb has noted that its rentals provide travelers with more choice, bring in tourist dollars to local economies, and provide residents with a source of new income. "Our community of hosts wants to pay their fair share and we want to help", John Choi, Airbnb public policy manager for Southern California, told the L.A.

Author: 0 Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Call Off Their Engagement

News on the 2015 Golden Globe red carpet. There hasn't been a real reason why the two separated except that they drifted apart. Yes they are on a break, but they hope they can work things out. Her posts from Tuesday make no mention of Kinney. Lady Gaga is now on holiday in Cabo with friends, sans engagement ring. The American Horror Story: Hotel actress, 30, took to her Instagram to share her excitement, posting "He gave me his heart on Valentine's Day, and I said "YES!" ...

World Media TAKE THE QUIZ: How much do you know about political conventions?
Author: 0 TAKE THE QUIZ: How much do you know about political conventions?

A federal judge in Dayton is allowing an OH college student charged with trying to rush the stage at a Donald Trump rally to stay out of jail, but warns him to stay away from Cleveland during this week's GOP convention. Trump told delegates. Trump spoke hours after the floor had erupted into pandemonium following a decision to push through the party's rules on a voice vote.

World Media Kasich comes to Cleveland, but not to go to the convention
Author: 0 Kasich comes to Cleveland, but not to go to the convention

Other Ohio Republicans swung behind Kasich. "I am nearly in total disagreement with the governor of Ohio", Flynn said. He was a distant fourth in the overall delegate count. But Trump and his campaign have been very clear that their foreign policy agenda is based on what they truly believe and will not change if he's elected president.

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