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World Media Uncertainty about Affordable Care Act lingers, as enrollment deadline looms
Author: 0 Uncertainty about Affordable Care Act lingers, as enrollment deadline looms

Another would replace the law's unpopular individual mandate with a requirement that people maintain "continuous" coverage if they want to avoid more expensive policies. The administration's actions may have blocked almost half a million people from getting covered. Some Republicans want to reshape and cut Medicaid , which provides health coverage to lower-earning people, but others represent states that expanded it under Obama's statute.

Author: 0 January jobs report: 227K jobs added, 4.8% U-3 rate

These numbers were collected in the week before Trump took office . Ten-year Treasury yields fell to 2.45%, while Dow Jones industrial average and S&P 500 futures added to their premarket gains. States where hospital employment has leapt off the gurney and skipped down the hallway by more than +4.0% y/y have been: South Dakota, +5.8%; SC and OR, +4.9%; Montana and Washington, +4.7%; Hawaii, +4.5%; Nevada, +4.3%; and IN, +4.2%.

Author: 0 Former UN chief won't run for South Korea presidency

The constitutional court is now deciding whether to uphold a National Assembly motion to impeach Park for her role in a corruption and influence-peddling scandal. Ban's public profile was also affected when his brother Ban Ki-sang was indicted and a nephew was arrested in the United States in a bribery scheme involving a Vietnamese development project.

Author: 0 White supremacist Richard Spencer defends White House statement on the Holocaust

That is the only possible result of the brouhaha over what should have been an anodyne statement commemorating last week's International Holocaust Remembrance Day. They are the same as the arguments that diminish the numbers of victims, that suggest the Nazis weren't specifically targeting Jews, or inevitably, the crimes of the allies (such as the bombing of Dresden) were just as bad.

World Media 'He's lying to you': MEP mocks Farage during speech
Author: 0 'He's lying to you': MEP mocks Farage during speech

A lot of people really like Nigel Farage. The former Ukip leader has been vocal in his support for the 45th President, even sporting a little Trump badge on his lapel. "I realised when I did it I took a risk, but I am happy to accept whatever consequences the Parliament decides upon", he said. 'It is called genuine democracy, unlike the system we have in the European Union.

Author: 0 Google honors man who fought WWII Japanese internment camps

Today would have been Korematsu's 98th birthday. " Korematsu was born in Oakland, Calif., but his US citizenship didn't keep him from being arrested for refusing to be relocated to an internment camp in 1942". Internet news blog Fusion, among other, suspected that the timing-days after President Donald Trump signed a controversial executive order restricting immigration from certain Muslim-majority countries-was not a coincidence.

World Media Akhilesh overrules father, says 'confident Mulayam Singh will campaign for SP'
Author: 0 Akhilesh overrules father, says 'confident Mulayam Singh will campaign for SP'

SP minister Rajendra Chaudhary, who is close to Akhilesh Yadav, however said that defections of a few MLAs would not harm the party, as the party was "overall on top". The Congress was in power for so long, but it did not do anything for the development of the country. Shivpal's supporters also set-up an informal platform to bring together Mulayam loyalists sidelined by Akhilesh.

Author: 0 In Saudi Call, Trump Pledges to 'Rigorously' Enforce Iran Deal

A Saudi write up of the call said that both countries "share views about Iranian policies in the region", or what Riyadh believes are attempts from arch-enemy Iran to step up its involvement in Arab affairs. The Press Agency said that both Trump and Salman have invited each other to their countries. However, the administration has noted that the list was actually drawn up by the Obama administration.

World Media Iran test fires ballistic missile
Author: 0 Iran test fires ballistic missile

The launch took place at a test site located outside of Semnan, some 140 miles east of Tehran. The missile was a Khorramshahr medium range ballistic missile and traveled 600 miles before exploding, in a failed test of a reentry vehicle, officials said .

World Media Canadian mosque attack: Only one of the arrested is considered a suspect
Author: 0 Canadian mosque attack: Only one of the arrested is considered a suspect

Charges have not been announced but are expected Monday, officials said. One suspect was in custody over Sunday's shooting at the Islamic Cultural Center in Quebec while another was being questioned as a witness. While Canada is generally very welcoming towards immigrants and those from different religions, the French-speaking province of Quebec has struggled to reconcile its secular identity with a rising Muslim population.

Author: 0 End of 'American Dream' for Muslim Syrian refugees

When asked if Christians would be given special status, he replied "yes", adding: "They've been horribly treated... everybody was persecuted in all fairness, but they were chopping off the heads of everybody but more so the Christians". The United Nations on Saturday urged Trump to continue his country's "long tradition" of welcoming refugees, regardless of race, nationality or religion.

Author: 0 One US soldier dead, three injured in raid in Yemen: US military

Al-Qaeda mourned al-Dhahab as a "holy warrior" and other militants who were killed in its official Telegram account. Three al-Qaeda leaders are reported to be among dozens of militants killed in fighting which lasted up to 45 minutes in the Yakla district.

World Media Boat carrying 28 Chinese tourists goes missing in Malaysia
Author: 0 Boat carrying 28 Chinese tourists goes missing in Malaysia

He said that rescue operation will remain continue for tracing out the missing people. The two were found in waters between Pulau Tiga and the Samarang offshore petroleum platform, said Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) deputy director for Sabah and Labuan Kapt Maritim Rahim Ramli.

Author: 0 Socialists choose presidential candidate in run-off

He topped seven other left-wing candidates in the first round of the Socialist Party primaries a week ago and defeated Valls in the second round on Sunday by 58% to 41%. "Through Penelope they are trying to break me", he said. Mr Hamon was not as tainted as Mr Valls by Mr Hollande's unpopularity because he rebelled and quit the government in 2014.

Author: 0 Defector: North Korean Regime Crumbling

Thae is now an analyst at the Institute for National Security Strategy , a research organization affiliated with South Korea's National Intelligence Service. Some tentative economic reforms have been put into effect in the North, but "those further down the food chain are finding life much tougher", Thae said.

Author: 0 Republicans to map out strategy for Trump's agenda

Congressional Republicans have gathered in Philadelphia for the party's annual retreat. British Prime Minister Theresa May is also expected to attend and discuss plans for a possible U.S. During the campaign, Ryan was openly reluctant to endorse the party nominee and told lawmakers they could abandon their own support for Trump after disclosure of a video in which the nominee was heard explicitly discussing female anatomy and his own behavior toward women.

Author: 0 White House: Trump administration in 'beginning stages' of discussing embassy move

Chairman of the municipality's Planning and Building committee Meir Turgeman told Israel Radio the permits were held up until the end of the Obama administration. He also added that Israel's decision to build more settlements has been made in defiance of UN Resolution 2334, which the UN's Security Council passed in December 2016 and which called on Israel to immediately halt its settlements construction.

Author: 0 Rio Tinto's "very good" sale

Coal prices jumped previous year after China slashed production, but major companies including Peabody Energy and Rio Tinto have been trying to exit coal assets as investors turn cautious over the emergence of renewables. "Yancoal made the move probably because the profit outlook for thermal coal is quite positive going forward", Shi Yan, a Shanghai-based analyst at UOB-Kay Hian, said by phone.

World Media German Social Democrats endorse Schulz as chancellor candidate
Author: 0 German Social Democrats endorse Schulz as chancellor candidate

A December poll found that Schulz and Merkel both had approval ratings of 57 per cent, dwarfing those of Gabriel. Schulz is to take Gabriel's place as party chairman as well. The news nevertheless came as a shock to political observers in Berlin. Still, if the shakeup improves the party's fortunes, that would open a new front against Merkel, who is already confronting a challenge from the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany party over her open-border refugee policy.

World Media Georgia Governor Declares State Of Emergency, As Severe Weather Turns Deadly
Author: 0 Georgia Governor Declares State Of Emergency, As Severe Weather Turns Deadly

All that remained standing Sunday afternoon was the master bedroom and parts of the kitchen. "I heard my neighbor scream, and it made me rush into the closet", Richardson told NBC News. Even north Florida was under the weekend weather threat. The National Weather Service in Miami said on social media that two tornadoes touched down early Monday morning in south Florida.

Author: 0 Trump signs executive order against Obamacare on Day One

A bill to formally repeal the law via budget reconciliation is expected from Republicans on January 27. Before I had health insurance, I put off going to the doctor. Conway said those accounts would lead to individuals taking more ownership over their health-care choices. Mattis, who retired from the Marine Corps in 2013, had to be granted an exception from United States law which requires former service members to have spent seven years out of active military duty.

Author: 0 Watch Former President Obama, Michelle Obama Announce New Endeavor

Issues with the shift surfaced when Twitter users complained they were following POTUS despite never having followed before or unfollowing ahead of the transition. But the pair said they'd be working on the future Obama Presidential Center, which will be based in the south side of Chicago with projects all over the world.

World Media State says unemployment rate drops, but so did jobs
Author: 0 State says unemployment rate drops, but so did jobs

The Amarillo, Austin-Round Rock and Lubbock areas had the lowest unemployment in Texas last month at 3.2 percent, Workforce Commission officials said. San Joaquin County's unemployment rate was 8 percent in December, up from 7.7 percent in November but less than the 8.7 percent rate in December 2015.

Author: 0 Dozens hurt as high-rise building collapses

In the images broadcast on state television one side of the building started tumbling first almost knocking one firefighter off a ladder as he contended with the flames. The building is located right next to the Turkish and the UK Embassies - both of which were evacuated after the building caught fire. "But there's a double standard when it comes to implementation", said Farzin-Moghadam, who studied architecture and building technology in Tehran and has worked on residential complexes and ...

World Media West African Leaders Hold Crisis Talks as Jammeh's Mandate Ends
Author: 0 West African Leaders Hold Crisis Talks as Jammeh's Mandate Ends

Jammeh - who has held power for more than two decades - to step down have failed, Reuters reports. However, in an interview with the African News Agency (ANA) The Gambia's political counsellor at the Gambian Embassy in Pretoria said that he doubted the rank and file of the military would follow Badije's orders and would ultimately support the will of the Gambian people.

World Media Italy Avalanche: 6 People Found Alive in Buried Hotel, 2 Rescued
Author: 0 Italy Avalanche: 6 People Found Alive in Buried Hotel, 2 Rescued

A firefighter helicopter flies over the town of Penne, central Italy, following a series of earthquakes and a snow avalanche hitting a hotel in central Italy on January 20, 2017. "In one room, there was a mother and her son; in the room next door, there were four people, but it was more hard to reach them", Luca Cari, a spokesman for the Fire Department, said by telephone.

Author: 0 Obama Says Trump Shouldn't Confuse Russia Sanctions With Nuclear Reduction

Mr Putin said prostitutes were women of "low social responsibility" and he doubted Mr Trump "took the bait". But he also called for better relations with Russian Federation despite Vladimir Putin's anti-US rhetoric. "How can you do anything to improve U.S". The clock ticks down on the final hours of Barack Obama's final term as the president steps up to the podium for his last news conference.

Author: 0 Oil rises on weaker dollar, US production outlook caps gains

Because of doubts that over OPEC's and Russia's willingness to fully comply with the cuts, crude futures have fallen around 5 percent since their peaks in early January. Saudi Arabia is set to launch a renewable energy programme worth up to $50 billion, as the world's largest oil exporter vies to diversify its economy, its energy minister said Monday.

Author: 0 Honour killing family given capital punishment by courts

ATC-IV judge Azam Chaudhry on Monday sentenced Parveen to death in the " honour killing " case, and sentenced Zeenat's brother Anees to life in prison. More than 1,000 women in Pakistan were murdered by their own relatives in 2015 in the name of the family's honor, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan .

Author: 0 Children abducted in 1985 found, mother arrested; Rhode Island police say

Cops say the pair were carried away from Warwick, Rhode Island by mum Elaine Yates on August 26, 1985 as tots. The girls were taken from their Warwick home when they were 10 months old and 3 years old. Philbin said it was an anonymous tip left two days before Christmas that finally cracked the cold case. Yates is scheduled to be arraigned in Kent County court Wednesday.

Author: 0 Iridium celebrating successful launch of its 10 NEXT satellites

Set to replace an existing constellation, the NEXT-branded satellites it is launching are created to support a range of new broadband services for Iridium's partners. Justice Department disclosed Friday. Thales Alenia were the prime contractor for Iridium with ATK as the sub-contractor. "It has truly been an honor, and we are looking forward to completing the rest of the Iridium NEXT constellation through 2017 and early 2018".

World Media What Donald Trump thinks about civil rights icon John Lewis
Author: 0 What Donald Trump thinks about civil rights icon John Lewis

Lewis' constituents have also taken to Twitter to defend their district, which Trump described as "in frightful shape", "falling apart", and "crime infested". Symone Sanders mentioned the hypocrisy of Trump by reminding viewers that the real estate magnate led a charge in calling into question Barack Obama's presidency for an extended time.

World Media Kerry Attending Mideast Peace Conference, But Won't 'Box In the Incoming Administration'
Author: 0 Kerry Attending Mideast Peace Conference, But Won't 'Box In the Incoming Administration'

Th Palestinians may consider "reversing recognition" of Israel if Donald Trump moves the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas said in an interview released by the French daily Le Figaro on Friday. Abbas said the embassy's opening is a sign that "the Pope loves the Palestinian people and he loves peace". Trump has repeatedly said he plans to relocate the U.S.

World Media Obama eases Sudan sanctions
Author: 0 Obama eases Sudan sanctions

In any case, decisions on continuing the diplomatic outreach will be up to the incoming Trump administration, which takes office on January 20. A senior U.S official said on Thurday that the Obama administration plans to ease some financial sanctions against Sudan in recognition to what the American government says are small areas of improvement in fighting terrorism and other US goals.

World Media NY kicking in millions to help Syracuse airport expansion
Author: 0 NY kicking in millions to help Syracuse airport expansion

Andrew Cuomo hold a press conference January 3 in Queens to announce Cuomo's plan for the state to cover all college tuition costs for students from middle-and low-income households. However, advocates of free tuition programs like this do not consider their full ramifications. In 2013, only 38.7 percent of students attending a four-year public university and roughly 8.5 percent attending a two-year public college in NY completed their degrees on time.

World Media Antonio Guterres: UN chief joins Cyprus peace talks in Geneva
Author: 0 Antonio Guterres: UN chief joins Cyprus peace talks in Geneva

The United Kingdom has said it would give up roughly half of the territory it controls in Cyprus, but London is not willing to abandon its military bases on the island. However, United Nations envoy Espen Barth Eide , who is facilitating the talks, sought to downplay expectations. He pointed to "historic" advances happening at the summit, such as the exchange of boundary maps and the participation of the three guarantor powers at such a high-level.

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