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World Media Donald Trump and Conservatives offer no solutions - Corbyn
Author: 0 Donald Trump and Conservatives offer no solutions - Corbyn

ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT supporters of Donald Trump share "some similarities" with those of Jeremy Corbyn even though their values are very different, an ally of the Labour leader said yesterday. He said people in the United Kingdom felt similarly left behind as those who had placed faith in Trump as someone from outside the establishment. Some in the Labour party have tried to suggest that Corbyn could enjoy similar success if he can tap into the same popular discontent, but with a leftwing ...

Author: 0 Economy, Russia top issues as Bulgarians pick new president

Borisov, whose party has triumphed in all national elections in the last decade, has said he will resign if Tsacheva loses the runoff, opening the way to an early parliamentary election. SOFIA , Bulgaria (AP) - Bulgarians are choosing their new president in a hotly contested runoff Sunday that may also determine the fate of the country's center-right government.

Author: 0 Syrian rebels launch multiple attacks on gov't held Aleppo

The U.N. estimates 275,000 people, the vast majority civilians, are trapped inside rebel-held eastern Aleppo with dwindling food and supplies. The ministry, which is helping forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, also said civilians and the wounded would be allowed to leave through six different corridors.

World Media Iran:
Author: 0 Iran: "If nuclear deal is thwarted - we have other options"

They must now decide whether to return to the fold. "I hope this will help President Trump get a better deal". Jason Greenblatt's comments to Israel's Army Radio Thursday would mark a stark departure from the long-time American stance that Israeli construction in areas captured in the 1967 war makes it more hard to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

World Media Voices: How you can honor all veterans
Author: 0 Voices: How you can honor all veterans

Friday is Veteran's Day and many celebrations in the grand valley honored veterans and their families. So many have died or been wounded that Armistice Day has transformed to Veterans Day in order to have a holiday large enough to accommodate multiple generations of those who have served.

World Media Trump, Clinton split early votes in tiny New Hampshire towns
Author: 0 Trump, Clinton split early votes in tiny New Hampshire towns

Those die-hard voters were proud to have the first word on the big vote. The site reports that Dixville Notch voted 4-2 for Clinton with one person for Gary Johnson and a surprise write-in for the 2012 candidate Mitt Romney. Clinton rolled out appearances from Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen for her celebrity-packed final night of campaigning in Raleigh, North.

World Media Kamala Harris Elected as California's New U.S. Senator
Author: 0 Kamala Harris Elected as California's New U.S. Senator

Kamala Harris capped a lopsided campaign for U.S. Senate, in which she easily outdistanced another Democrat, Rep. Loretta Sanchez. That was until Election Day when Harris earned a decisive victory with a near 2-to-1 margin over Sanchez with essential precincts reporting.

World Media Chiefs' Ware passes concussion test, Houston could be back
Author: 0 Chiefs' Ware passes concussion test, Houston could be back

Reid didn't rule out Houston for Kansas City's next game against the Carolina Panthers next Sunday, but the team still hasn't come to a decision just yet. Houston is an elite addition to any defense. "It will be good to have him back on the field with us". He had 7.5 sacks in 11 games a year ago, and getting Houston back in the lineup at full speed - or even close to it - would obviously be a boost for the Chiefs as they chase a playoff spot.

World Media Veterans Day ceremony set for Friday
Author: 0 Veterans Day ceremony set for Friday

Veterans are especially invited and encouraged to attend for special recognition. The VFW, the VVA, the American Legion and the Plymouth Elks will give presentations on the various veterans programs they participate in. A Veterans Day service will be held at 11 a.m. Friday at the Yadkin County Park, 6600 Service Road, Yadkinville. "They, too, are veterans", Gallagher said.

World Media Election Day is Here-Polls Now Open
Author: 0 Election Day is Here-Polls Now Open

A coalition of more than 100 civil and voting rights groups operating under the Election Protection Coalition banner will send at least 10,000 volunteers to polling places in 29 states. Trump had suggested that Philadelphia was among those places ripe for voter fraud. Check out our election guide below for all of the basics. He said all had proven unfounded.

Author: 0 Iraqi experts probe mass grave site found near IS-held Mosul

But the IS fighters did not leave the town alone: United Nations rights office spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani told reporters in Geneva the agency had received reports that the jihadists "forcibly moved about 1,500 families from Hamam al-Alil town to Mosul airport" on November 4.

Author: 0 Scotland draft in Mulgrew for England showdown

He said: "We are obviously disappointed about Robbo and Kieran Tierney who are not here, talking about left-backs, but we have cover there and those guys will get their opportunity". McLeish, who hasn't ruled out returning as manager of the global side one day, knows from experience that the mental attitude of the players has to be spot on to come away from Wembley with anything.

Author: 0 Bieber wins three as Beyonce snubbed at MTV Europe Music Awards

Drake was named best hip hop act. It can be recalled that during the US MTV Awards 2016 in August, there were no mentions of the late pop music icon. "It is nice to be out of America just for a second because of this horrendous election that is going on right now", said lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong.

Author: 0 FBI Recommends No Charges After Latest Clinton Email Review

The FBI had said on Sunday it stood by its earlier finding that no criminal charges were warranted against Democrat Hillary Clinton for using a private e-mail server for government work, lifting a cloud over her presidential campaign two days before the U.S.

World Media Clinton leads Trump by 4 points
Author: 0 Clinton leads Trump by 4 points

Responding to Comey's letter, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said Sunday afternoon that despite the FBI's findings, the incident shows "a pattern", saying of Clinton , "She simply believes she's above the law and always plays by her own rules".

Author: 0 Senator and VP candidate Tim Kaine makes a stop at FSW

Kaine will be in Melbourne, Florida before his Fort Myers stop, so obviously the Clinton campaign is not showing any signs of slowing down its push for our 29 electoral votes with just three days left before Election Day. Kaine says if his ticket is successful on Tuesday he and Hillary Clinton will "work to get on tone with what we say and the team that we put together, and the policies we promote right out the gate with Congress".

World Media Rebel shelling kills over 80 civilians in Syria's Aleppo
Author: 0 Rebel shelling kills over 80 civilians in Syria's Aleppo

Social media accounts linked to the rebels carried photos and footage purporting to show the factions targeting government positions with artillery, tank and rocket fire. There has been no official word from Russian Federation on what will happen after the halt in hostilities expires. Russia's aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, is in the Mediterranean and headed for the Syrian coast.

Author: 0 French authorities close Calais camp

Charities have reportedly called on the local authorities to provide emergency shelter after attempts to persuade hotels to take in minors had failed. Firefighters fought to tackle a series of blazes blamed by officials on disgruntled refugees and migrants. On Wednesday, he said, 1,215 adults had left the camp on board 32 buses, bound for centers across 11 regions, while 133 children had been directed to provisional shelters.

Author: 0 Points On How Allies Funneled Money To Clinton Foundation

He said he began managing the relationship which Teneo partners took over in 2011, and which Band said "is very time-consuming". The memo shows Teneo secured a number of speeches for Clinton including telecommunications company Ericsson paying Clinton $750,000 plus $400,000 for a private plane to speak in Hong Kong.

World Media United States hackers strike back at Russian Federation
Author: 0 United States hackers strike back at Russian Federation

James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence and Jeh Johnson, director of the department of homeland security, have issued statements that they are convinced the recent election-related hackings of the American cyber systems have been authorised by "Russia's senior most officials".

World Media Clinton, Trump target different Americas in final push
Author: 0 Clinton, Trump target different Americas in final push

The president scolded the Clinton supporters, saying such distractions could have consequences for her presidential bid. Michigan, which awards 16 electoral votes, has long seemed like a safe state for Clinton, but both campaigns have made recent moves there following a series of polls showing a closer race.

Author: 0 Suspect in officer deaths has history of racial provocations

Police said the two were killed in separate shootings that occurred overnight in Urbandale. The new program was announced as 12 Springfield Police Officers are under investigation for allegedly beating a group of men outside a bar back in April 2015.

World Media Turkey slams Germany, accuses it of supporting terrorism
Author: 0 Turkey slams Germany, accuses it of supporting terrorism

Merkel added that Germany will "pay close attention" to the investigation of the journalists, noting that Germany's ambassador to Turkey visited Cumhuriyet's offices on November 1 "to underline again how important the issue of freedom of opinion and press freedom is to us".

Author: 0 New Apple MacBook Pro Gets Taken Apart By iFixit

Now, a noted Apple analyst is predicting the company will move to address some of the issues in a 2017 update, including a price cut to boost sales. According to the Kuo, the 32 GB RAM option is subject to the release of the Cannonlake processors by Intel. The growth for the new MacBook in 2017 seems to be exciting, with price cuts and increase in RAM .

World Media Support for 'my girl' Clinton is personal, Mrs. Obama says
Author: 0 Support for 'my girl' Clinton is personal, Mrs. Obama says

During her eight years in the White House, Obama has focused on initiatives around children, women, veterans and members of the military. "I'd have to think about that", she said. "His wife, all she wants to do is campaign", Trump complained last week. An August Gallup poll put Michelle Obama's approval ratings at 64%. He's used other events for Clinton to hammer Trump over his treatment of women and minorities and his unfounded claims that the election is "rigged" against him.

World Media Nation At 9: Politics continues over Bhopal encounter
Author: 0 Nation At 9: Politics continues over Bhopal encounter

The men, wearing jeans and sports shoes, were said to be the escaped SIMI activists. "People who escaped from prison after assassinating a guard only had spoons". "They were stopped from carrying out more risky acts". "Security forces have the right to use proportionate force to save lives, but it appears in this case that the suspects may not have been armed", she said.

Author: 0 Drought tired California improves on lagging conservation

The board will release Californians' latest monthly water-use figures Tuesday under the state's almost three-year drought emergency. But the water-savings are better than last month's sagging conservation report, which showed water use shooting up by a third, compared to savings under mandatory conservation.

Author: 0 Wet start of rainy season respite in California drought

Californians used 8 percent more water in September compared with a year earlier, state drought regulators said Tuesday, the fourth straight month of higher consumption now that strict conservation mandates have been relaxed. Since June of 2015 Californians have saved almost 700 billion gallons of water which translates to enough water to supply Orange, Riverside, San Diego and Santa Clara counties with water for a year.

Author: 0 India expels Pakistani embassy staffer over espionage charge

Yadav said Indian security agencies had been tracking Akhtar's activities for the past six months. The ministry also said that this act by India is an indication of the "shrinking diplomatic" relations between the two countries. Police in New Delhi accused the official, Mahmood Akhtar, of illegally collecting information about India's security operations on the countries' tense border.

World Media Philippines, Japan sign banana export deal
Author: 0 Philippines, Japan sign banana export deal

Filipino banana farmers could earn as much as P5 billion every year from exports to Japan under an agreement between the Department of Agriculture and Japanese company Farmind, the Philippines' agriculture minister said Thursday. "I want them out and if I have to revise or abrogate agreements, I will", he said. His desire to severe ties with the mainly because he desires for his country to have an " independent foreign policy ", as he believes that the US has exploited the ...

Author: 0 Navy sends ship to see if Chinese sailor on boat

A 50-year-old Chinese man trying to set a record by #sailing from #San Francisco to Shanghai , China by himself is missing at sea. Chinese sailor Guo Chuan's boat. Our thanks to our Navy partners who helped us search for this vessel in a timely manner so far from shore in an attempt to locate Mr. ( Guo) Chuan . His solo sailing route is about 13,000 km in length and normally expected to be completed within 20 days.

World Media Truck plunges off bridge killing 2 men, 2 women
Author: 0 Truck plunges off bridge killing 2 men, 2 women

People attending the festival were able to get the badly damaged truck upright, Capt. His rank or job description was not immediately available. Because the Chicano Park crowd is so massive, there are already San Diego police officers on the scene, who find themselves entrenched in chaos when the truck flies off the bridge.

World Media Al-Shabaab kills 12 in Kenyan hotel
Author: 0 Al-Shabaab kills 12 in Kenyan hotel

Twenty-eight people were killed. The assailants entered the Bishaaro Hotel in the town of Mandera with explosives in the early hours of Tuesday and then proceeded to shoot 12 out of 22 guests in their rooms, said Mandera County commissioner Fredrick Shisia.

Author: 0 Iraqi forces battle Islamic State in western town, far from Mosul

Last week, the group launched a similar assault in and around the northern city of Kirkuk, some 100 miles south-east of Mosul, igniting gun battles that lasted two days and killed at least 80 people. But he said Iraqi security forces drove them out "within hours" and had regained control of the town. The village is about 9 kilometers (5½ miles) from Mosul and was retaken on Monday from IS militants.

World Media Elizabeth Warren on warpath: 'Nasty women' target Trump
Author: 0 Elizabeth Warren on warpath: 'Nasty women' target Trump

Warren used the newfound rallying cry, which Democrats seized on after Trump called Clinton a "nasty woman" at the third and final debate, to make a forceful case not only against Trump, but also against New Hampshire GOP Sen. He said the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice had inappropriately let her off the hook. Warren's appearance was part of the Clinton campaign's effort to flood swing states with high-profile endorsers as the campaign comes to a close.

World Media Tenth woman accuses Donald Trump of sexual misconduct
Author: 0 Tenth woman accuses Donald Trump of sexual misconduct

He allegedly said "Hey look at this one, we haven't seen her before". Allred will hold a press conference with this woman at The London Hotel in NY at 11am EST. And he dimissed the sexual assault allegations against him as "lies and fiction". Ahead of those remarks, Trump had nine accusers. Clinton lawyer David Kendall declined to comment on the allegation.

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